Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Stroke Survival: Making Plans and Changes

Remember I said I was waiting on God to open the window, He has. The past couple of weeks have been busy for me. First there was the funeral and all the *fun* stuff that goes with it, and then there was all the paperwork involved with changing everything over. This included getting a 90-day loan from my bank to cover the next 40 days worth of utilities until I am flush with cash again.

Now that the end of the tunnel is in sight, I can move forward with confidence. I started searching for another property to move on to. I think I may have found one. In searching back, I found that it has been on the market for several months. So I might just get it for a good price. There's wiggle room in the price.  It's only five acres instead of ten that I was initially looking for, but for the is fenced, cleared and a pond has already been dug which saves quite a few bucks. I will have to pay to put at least two wells on the property and possible a septic tank. I still haven't decided about the latter. It's about fifteen minutes from my #2 daughter's house too. Instead of an hour away.

The farm will be called Murphey's Madness. First of all because most people think I'm insane for still holding onto this dream after my stroke. I'll be a single handed homesteader in more ways than one. I've only got the use of one hand and I'll be an older, single lady doing 99% of the work. No I won't be building most of the buildings like the house or the barn, but the lean to field houses for the chickens, sheep, and goats I will be. My neighbor/contractor is ready to start work on my tiny house and barn as soon as I close on the property. I'm thinking by the end of October.

Name this bunny
I got a call about another bunny which needed rescuing this week, so I have a new Angora bunny. She's not white with blue eyes, but she's a sweetheart. The owner had her in an outside pen. Sand gnats were swarming around her so bad she barely opened her eyes. She had three bad gashes along her neck where she had tried (and succeeded) get through the wire between cages. Yes, she's a girl. I'm sure this time.

The owner could no longer take care of her. I brought her home and gave her a bath. Just to make sure that those cuts were the only ones and to double check the pest situation. She'll be in quarantine for two weeks just to be on the safe side. She is white on the tip of her nose and mouth, and has white fur socks on two paws.I was really surprised that she wasn't a black bunny, but an agouti tort. Under her long black fur near the skin is  chestnut brown fur. I didn't realize it until I bathed her.  

Now what do I call her?? I've been calling her Baby, but she isn't really. She's two years old according to the vet.  A name that bunny contest is in order, so put your suggestions in comments.

Now All I need is a female blue eyed white French angora or three and my rabbitry will be set. Maybe a self black Angora buck just for this new bunny too.

Other things in the works...
I'm still doing the dry needling for my spasticity. It's still working. I'm back to pain-free status. Yippee!!

I'm going through all the closets and dressers. If I haven't worn it in a couple of years, it is going to Faithworks. It's sort of like a Goodwill, but they don't charge people so it's strictly a church based charity. I've made a list of what my children want as far as art work, china, furniture and stuff that I won't have room for in my new place. My grandchildren have been my work horses. All they've asked for is some of my cookies and extra hugs which I've gladly supplied them with.

I've been pricing video cameras. While I won't be buying a GoPro4, that I really, really want, I will be purchasing one in the near future. I'm still window shopping.

I have plans to do a homesteading/self sufficiency video site on YouTube. What will make my channel different than the hundreds of other homesteading sites on there? The fact that I am disabled and doing it. I'll also do videos on adapted homesteading because of my stroke.

Most of what I hear from other strokees is how they can't do this or that anymore. They bemoan it to whoever will listen. I tend to take the high road and say, "Watch me. If I can do it, you possibly can do it too." Not that I expect all strokees to take the attitude to my extreme. Remember, I'm Abby Normal with brain damage. But that being said, sometimes I want to scream at some survivors and tell them to get off their pity pots. This is a gentler way to do it. Yes, I will post successes and failures. So don't be surprised if you hear "Rattzle Frazzle" a lot.

To go along with the new video site, I'll also be blogging on a new site too. By doing both I believe I'll capture both the literal learners and the visual learners. It will help me both ways and it will be a win-win situation. As with this blog, it will be tell it like it is.This blog will still continue. While sales are dwindling, I still have hopes of writing for profit once again. But until that happens, I'll just keep plugging away.

Heck, at the very least, maybe some sponsor would like an honest review of their product. I rarely turn down free stuff that I can use. That's going to be the real challenge...stuff I can use.

So those are my initial plans and upcoming changes. I plan to live for me by my own hand. It's time for some Jo time. Murphey's Madness here I come.

Don't forget the name this bunny in comments and I'll leave you with this inspiration.

Nothing is impossible!
Have a great week!


  1. "Clover"--I have no reason, except that the name popped into my brain as I read about her.
    Good luck, Jo! I hope you get your little home and land and YouTube channel and everything good. {{{{hugs}}}}

  2. My comment just went PFFFT! after I "solved" the "you are not a robot" three times. :-P

    "Clover" for no reason, but that the name jumped into my head as I read about her.

    I hope you get it all--the little home, the land, the YouTube channel, everything good, Jo. {{{hugs}}}

  3. Hmmm! Twice?!? Good grief! ;-)

  4. BTW you do not have to click I am not a robot. Okay we got 1 for Clover. Or maybe two lol.

  5. I'm out of breath just reading about all these things you are doing.

  6. Rebecca, I was used to caring for an ill husband for over a decade plus his parents before they all passed. AND I spent the first seven of those years working a full time job and a part-time job. Bring idle has never been a condition I've been prone to. But read my next blog on Wednesday to find out some of the other stuff I've been doing also.

  7. Hi Jo - it certainly sounds as though you've found the right property - and can keep the life you've been used to .. with the animals around you and a fair amount of space. I certainly hope it comes together ...

    Clover is better than baby!!!! She will be much loved ... cheers and all the best this week - Hilary

  8. I always like your “Sunday Stroke Survival:... and it is back! /John A.

  9. Love the idea of a homestead. Looking forward to updates!
    Let's see, I've got three:
    Fern, because homestead reminded me of Charlotte's Web
    Hazel, from Watership Down,
    Hortense, which was my friend's beloved long-lived bunny.

  10. Clover won with 2 votes. I noticed the white on her nose looks .like a clover too.
    Deniz those names you suggested are great too. I am probably going for some more French angoras in the near future.Saw some on craigslist and am in negotiation with the owner as I type. For twenty bucks each and a half hour drive it's worth it instead of a ten hour drive and $125 each. My rabbitry is growing!


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