Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Rabbitry is Growing

French angora bunny
Well I have been searching Craigslist, Hoobly, and Raverly for additional BEW (blue eyed white) angoras. Preferable French angoras because it takes two hands to deal with the fluffy ears on English angoras. Giant angoras, while great wool producers, are just too heavy at 11-15 lbs each to handle one-handed.

English Angora bunny
Well, it's been difficult. Most people with BEW French angoras live a minimum of 5-16 hours away from me. I'm not against a road trip, but I haven't driven that far on my own yet so I'm a little bit cautious about doing it. Most people around here (100 miles radius) only have English angoras. But I do plan a trip to Canton later next month to pick up Clover's mate. (about 5 hrs away) I'm kidnapping one of my children for this first long trip. I'll also be popping in to see some friends.

Well, the luck of the Irish struck. On craigslist, I noticed an ad for angora rabbits. It was under PETS. In talking to the seller one is a BEW French angora! She has six more for sale also in varying colors. Depending on my ability to build some cages, I may get three of them. I'm still finding out information on the rabbits. The best part is that the seller is only 35 miles from here and the rabbits are $20 a piece. What a deal for me! So I'll be set I think as far as the rabbitry goes.

Now I just have to buy my land in November, have my tiny house and barn built to house them all. Ya gotta love when a plan comes together. Good thing until then, I've got this huge house to keep us all in comfort. I'm going to have to buy bigger containers for the fodder system with all these rabbits. I thinking maybe seed flat trays. Those heavy duty ones. They are cheap enough and if they don't work out I can always use them for the garden.

Speaking of the garden. I won't be replanting  them until after the move. I'll start fresh again in the Spring with even more gutters and elevated raised beds on the property. God is good all the time.


  1. These bunnies are adorable. For fur or food? will you still make that long trip with your family member?

  2. Yep. These new ones won't be bred for at least 6 months. These are breeders and fur. Their babies will be food or food.

  3. All the time!
    Glad you found some much closer to you. How many do you have now?


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