Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Tumbling Terms ~ Addict

It's time for Tuesday Tumbling Terms with your hostess with the mostest, Jo Murphey.
Hi y'all. The word for today's writer's object lesson is...

[ad-ikt; uh-dikt]
1. a person who is addicted to an activity, habit, or substance: a drug addict.
verb (used with object)
2. to cause to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on an addictive substance, as alcohol or a narcotic.
3. to habituate or abandon (oneself) to something compulsively or obsessively: a writer addicted to the use of high-flown language; children addicted to video games.

There are worse things to be addicted to than reading and writing. But I confess I'm addicted to reading and writing. When I read a good book, I'll become physically and psychologically dependent on turning the pages to read more. With a good book, I'll forget whatever I'm supposed to do. I'll stay up later to finish a chapter, or put off dinner the same way. I admit to even carry my book with me while going to the bathroom. That particular function cannot be ignored.

So as a writer how can I convey that same feeling in a reader. Good question. Rule number one is write a good book. Easier said than done. What I think of as a good book maybe not be your idea of a good book. Taste and preferences are so subjective. Some people will only read romance novels, some only nonfiction, and others are like me more eclectic in tastes.

As a writer, I'm addicted to writing. Yes I am. I don't feel my day is complete unless I have creatively written something each day. It's not an unhealthy addiction like alcohol or drugs. Is it a determent on my body? It can be. When the words are flowing I can forget to eat, stay up later than I should, and bounce in my chair until my eyes turn yellow instead of going to the bathroom.

I've got it bad! Is there such a thing as readers or writer's anonymous? It wouldn't matter. I don't want to be weaned off of either or be cured of my addiction. I've expanded my world with my reading. I've taken an obscene amount of pleasure from reading. I have a voracious appetite for books and don't have to worry about calories. Even reading recipes online are calorie free unless I go into the kitchen, cook them, and eat them.

I have few requirements in regards to subject matter. A book nonfiction contains subject matter I can learn from. In fiction, it has to transport me and make me feel what the characters feel. It has to be like those "Calgon take me away" commercials. If I can put it down and not give it another thought, I don't want to read it. I will say right up front I don't like erotica. It's just not my cup of tea. Although I know many people enjoy it.

So as a writer should you also be addicted to reading? I can say with an empathic "yes." Most writers are avid readers. They write what they like to read. If they enjoy historical romances; they'll write historical romances. I can say for me, it's suspense, adventure, action, mysterious circumstances, and even some horror are where I make a bee line to in the book stores as far as fiction goes. So, I understandably write this. This is where my experience lies.

This is only 1 wall
I'm a book junky! There I've admitted it. I have a over flowing personal library, and at least one bookshelf in every room, including a magazine rack in each bathroom that would put most doctor offices to shame. I am ecstatic that I didn't lose my ability to read with my stroke. It's a blessing. I do read slower, I've noticed. While pre-stroke I could read a 500-page novel in a day or day and a half, it now takes me a week.

Having the Kindle helps because I can enlarge the text on the screen so I don't even have to have my bifocals to read them. Do you lose your reading glasses as often as I do? I purposely bought six pairs, and they grows legs and walk away to hide. Of course there is their favorite hiding place...on top of my head.

So what are you addicted to?

Keep writing and loving to Lord.

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