Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Troubles

You may have noticed that there was no Monday Mail this week or Friday Fun last week. Just chock it up to laziness on my part.

I even let my regular Saturday IM chats fallen by the wayside for a couple of weeks. The main reason was exhaustion and a cold is trying to catch me. I've been in bed for most of the week and been catching up on some television watching. Believe me nothing is fun. Sneezing, hacking cough, and runny nose have run rampant through my body, but luckily no fever just general malaise.

You may have noticed that I said a cold is trying to catch me versus I caught a cold. This Is something my Daddy always says and it is logical. When I asked him about he simply looked at me with his stern but laughable blue eyes and said, "Honestly Joey, nobody in their right mind would want to catch a cold."

Yep, that's totally logical. Nobody in their right mind would want to. Even a damaged mind like mine doesn't want one. I blame it on the colder weather change. We went from the 80's  to the 50's and below within a week. I was huddled up in sweat shirts, sweaters, long pants etc. The one thing I don't have is a jacket. I've got my thick, quilted one for when I take my DH up north to Bethesda in the winter. It's perfect for snow country, but a medium weight jacket my closet is lacking.

Now looking at my closet, you'd think I have too much of everything. In my closet I've got thirty suits of various weights from my time as a world hopping business and marketing consultant. Six sets of clergy wear (I can mix and match with my business wear). Assorted silk blouses, skirts, and pants including my jeans plus shoes. All that being said, I haven't been in my closet in months. There hasn't been a need for any of those clothes. I can't wear most of them with my weight loss. Sizes of the clothes are between 8-22. I've been on a weight yo-yo for years depending on steroids, age, exercise, and assorted other things. I could sort through it and only keep what fits and I've done this several times, only to buy new clothes when my weight shifts again.

I've spent a lot of time this week looking into my closet. I can see it very clearly from my bed and getting thoroughly depressed. I've gone from a power maven to incapable wimp.

So since my stroke the clothes that are easiest to wear are kept in my dressers. Yes, I said dressers. I have two of them. While I admit, half of one has non-clothing items in it. I have jewelry and assorted other things like appliances I no longer use like a curling iron, blow dryer, and assorted hair lollies. Most of the clothes I wear daily can fit into one large clothes basket.They are pull on, elastic wait band pants, assorted undergarments, sweatshirts and sweaters. Now that I've had to switch from regular knee high socks to compression socks even my old socks take up a drawer. The new socks are a witch with a B to put on.

Yep, you guessed it. I'm on the don't-feel-good pity pot. Everything takes four times the effort to was only doubled by the stroke. When I feel better, I'm going to have to pay a visit to an old friend. She lost her arm and leg on her left side due to a car accident. She's a double amputee. She is also the mother of two growing-like-weeds children. When I feel down about my life it's helpful to see first hand how the less fortunate than you cope.

So what are your hardships today?

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. You need my 'cold remedy'. Take at least 3 doses and you'll feel a LOT better. It's part of a blog I wrote ages ago

    1. John,
      It sounds like the hot toddy ingredients my father used to make for us. Yes it will burn out the cold or make you too loopy to care. As a recovered alcoholic, 27 years and counting, liquor doesn't pass these lips for the most part. Too easy to slip into bad habits, but thanks for the suggestion.


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