Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Quit!

Today is Sunday. Yippeee, Yahooo, fizzlefrazzle! On the agenda today is one church service, reading five chapters for other authors and editing,  After that I quit!
Before you all start's only for today.

Monday, I will be back at work on the children's book which should have been out last week. But wait I said that last

The final three chapters on my zombie sequel in rough draft, and the final three chapters of the book I'm co-authoring. I think the carpenters will hold it down to a dull roar with mudding the drywall. At least it's better than the air hammers and saws. Maybe then I can get the thoughts straight in my mind. At least that's the plan. Here's crossing my fingers that the power doesn't go off again because of an accident or transformer blowing.

Well keep writing and loving the Lord.

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