Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble Gooble ~Part Duex

It's 11PM, the pies are made, the dressing is ready to go into the oven, the stock is made for the gravy, the potatoes and carrots are peeled and soaking ready to go into their pans with oodles of cheese and cream, and the turkeys are filling up every square inch of my oven right now. The banana pudding is next on my list before I end my day. It seems like a Sunday to me rather than a Wednesday.

I spent the day mostly in the pharmacy today...three hours to get three prescriptions. It seems everyone was running out of meds at the same time. There was also the issue of whether my regular prescription company or medicare would pay for the nebulizer drugs. It put a serious crimp in my time table, but my hubby had to have his morphine and medicines. Family started arriving tonight and will continue coming until noon tomorrow for the feast. It is already a madhouse. Although the younger children have gone to bed, the adults are playing poker at the table and others have a roaring game of nine-ball going.

Just when I was getting used to the idea of my newest grandson being born on the 6th of December, my daughter called and said he is now being born on the 29th of this month as in this Tuesday.  She has already started dilating and the doctor has ordered her on bed rest so she won't delivery tomorrow. At this point I expect a call anytime now.

I am chomping at the bit for two weeks to hurry up until I get my new computer. This one will hardly let me get on a roll with writing. Think about much can you write in fifteen or twenty minutes? My blog takes that long to write. I've put so many people on hold because of destruction/construction and computer issues that next month will be a busy one. One of those dawn to dawn type endeavors for the month. It's going to make the nanny-nannie-poo-poo (national writer's month) look like a cake walk.

I read a blog recently about irritation at couponers in the store. I'm one of those. No, I'm not an extremist, but a cut and use type couponer. Yes, I do have a zipper binder. Yes, I do use coupons for everything I buy...well almost. It makes dollars and cents. To show you an example...this feast tomorrow cost me a total of $47 for forty-five people. Imagine if I hadn't caught the sales and used coupons!

Anyhow...keep writing and loving the Lord.

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