Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Yard Sales, Gifting, Selling

I've caught the yard bug that's been going around forever. My #2 daughter and her friends have had it for decades. I went yard saling with them for the very first time a couple of weeks ago. We were looking for a playpen, stroller, and\car seat so daughter #4 didn't have to bring them on the plane with her. They charge for checked baggage these days.We found all what we were looking for plus a high chair for my littlest grandson. All for about $40.

I haven't truly caught the bug, but it was an interesting experience. Don't get me wrong, I've been to yard sales, estate sales, and auctions many times before, but have never searched for anything specific like we did that weekend. I've never gone to yard sales after yard sales, looking for signs etc. Mostly, my experience has been a rub across one and stop because something caught my eye. Auctions are a totally different animal entirely.

Last weekend I went to a yard sale down the street. I picked up two sets of almost new twin sized
mattresses and box springs for free, two rolls cage and garden wire (almost full 50' rolls) with posts ($5), and four repurposed garden seats made from old tires ($10). The rolls of wire alone are $17 a piece in the store.  One bed set went to me  and the other went to one of my grandsons. Then I found a sale that I couldn't pass up a bed frame with drawers and headboard for under $150.I know I planned on the Murphy/desk\bed, but things change. My daughter gave me a corner computer desk they didn't need. I figure the drawers will hold the bed's sheets and blankets. They are really deep drawers.

I purchased vinyl bags to encase  both the mattress and box springs in. I don't want someone else's creepy crawlies and with my allergies, it was a necessary thing to do. I bought a definitely feminine quilt in pinks, purples, and blues. I even found a counter height dining table and chairs in a light wood mosaic top while I was getting my bed for $129. The seats of the chairs are 24" so it's just a question of sliding my behind onto and off of them. Now I just have to find a floral loveseat and I'll be set. I think I scored big time.

I've never even hosted a yard sale although I helped a friend with hers many decades ago. That changed this past weekend. I (well, my daughters) hosted my very first yard sale. I had three of my daughters do the work and they split $300 between them. No too shoddy for four hours work. I've planned on four yard sales to divest all my unwantables. Yes, I have that much stuff to sell and it's a yard full. Everything that does not sell will be donated to Salvation Army, Faithworks, or Goodwill.

I bought an electric spinning wheel and it arrived yesterday. I was so excited! It is something I've wanted for years. I been busy combing out all of the sheep's wool I washed. Since I do short draws only now because of my stroke, it made sense. I still have my handmade wheel too, but spinning will go so much faster with this new wheel. I've been talking to the maker of this wheel for two years now. She was so excited that I was spinning again that she threw in the tote bag for the wheel and the natural wax for the wood protection for free. I always try to buy local when I can, and she lives in Braselton, GA. Well, not exactly local, but in Georgia. Each one of her wheels is custom made so each is made with love. I like that.

Everything is going out this week to various homes and will be finally out of mine. This will leave
my three bedrooms empty at last. It's been a longtime coming. The store room, game house (an actual separate building), the garage/attics will each be separate yard sales in the coming weeks. Then I'll finally be free of all this stuff that was more than I could handle. Most I haven't used or needed in years. My house will no longer be used by my children to store stuff either. They can keep track of their own stuff. It's my stuff; my way from now on. Four rooms of livable space between the living room/dining room, rabbitry/storeroom, kitchen, and bath will be so much easier for my children to go through when I pass, but until then it will be easier for me to manage. Not the 200 sq ft of space that I imagined, but 500. Still a lot smaller than 2000 sq ft. A 3/4 drop of used space. I still have a workable full sized kitchen for canning and cooking. A full sized (5x7) handicapped equipped bathroom, plus a full 12x12 storeroom and a 11x15 rabbitry/craftswoman.

Sort of like this
I've got plans for the game house too. Water damage has ruined the interior walls and carpeting. A neigh's tree fell on the storage closet of the game house and my metal garden shed a couple of years ago. The building will be gutted and left open one one side. It will become my barn for yard equipment, and the new chicken house. The metal shed is history. It was ancient when we bought our property 18 years ago. I'll also be storing my hay in there for the rabbits and chickens. I figure two layers will be enough eggs for me. If I have four, I can sell fresh eggs. Then remaining chickens will be fryers for my freezer. I'm planning on purchasing a dozen to start with. I'm also expanding my gardening efforts. I'll be adding two more elevated raised bed and twp standard 4x8 bed to the garden. The standard bed will grow corn, pole beans, and squash in the three sisters method of gardening. Corn will feed me and the chickens in the winter. The other standard bed will
be my new grass hay area for the rabbits.

Speaking of rabbits, I lost dear, sweet Clover this past weekend. Cause of death, I don't know. She didn't appear to be sick just kind of mopey. I gave all  the bunnies their evening snack and attention and went to bed. In the morning, she was dead. So I'm down one female angora.I'll miss the easiest rabbit to groom. The others are a handful. It leaves Dubu without a mate. I may sell him and go back to my original plan of raising only BEW (blue eyed whites) in my rabbitry. I still haven't decided. Dubu is such a big boy and he hasn't reached breeding age yet.

Well, that's my update. No Wednesday post next week because I'll be flying to California for the premiere. Have a terrific week. Now a blast from the past...


  1. I loved yard sales when I was little. I haven't been to one for a while. The issues with going to yard sales in Florida is that you don't know if the place was infested with bugs or damp enough to grow mold. Both are definitely issues.

  2. Nice work - reducing so much is an impressive accomplishment.

  3. We had a house in Ottawa for more than 20 years - great for children, cats, dogs, gerbils, gold fish,... The kids were about 21+/- and they left and suddenly the house became relative huge and lots of empty rooms. In the last 5 years we changed to a condo in Edmonton and it is very comfortable - two bedrooms (1 for us and 1 guest occasionally), nice kitchen + living room, etc. This small condo/house is really nice especially with no (or occasionally) kids!

  4. I'm really sorry about Clover.
    You got some great deals there. Sorry, yard sales are not my thing. And we've held two. Never again!

  5. For me downsizing was a revelation. Sending the good stuff I no longer used to a new owner who would love it felt good.

  6. I'll leave the yard sales to you and your girls, but it sounds like you made some terrific deals. {{{{{hugs}}}} for you and a fond farewell for Clover.


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