Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's My Style and Where is it?

My current dilemma is picking a style of new furniture. I promised all my current furniture to other family members and have put them up for sale so I'm starting from scratch again. All my life what was chosen has had somebody else's input, functionality, and with budget in mind. Now, I'm left with trying to figure out what I want and what style. I'm ready to have what I want; how I want it. But I don't know what that is. I've gone SIX furniture stores and I'm lost.

I need a twin sized bed. It will be easier to fix and it's only just me. I'm 5' squat and so I don't need an extra long twin.I like a firm mattress and preferably a foam one. I'm tired of innerspring mattresses poking me or sagging. I gave away my twin beds that the girls used a decade ago for their children. An adjustable bed would be handy for getting out of bed in the morning, but oh, the price! Is it worth seventeen hundred bucks? If I do get an adjustable bed what kind of mattress and controls do I want? They don't make an adjustable mattress in just foam. Then, the decision on the frame and headboard. The one store I went to didn't have one in stock and the second choice was discontinued.

I decided that I wanted a counter sized dining room table with two to four chairs. The height of the stools/chairs are easier to rise and be seated on instead of regular chairs. No sliding to the front of the chair and rocking to get up. I'm kinda of partial to light finishes on woods. I've always had dark finishes because of the children. Everything was dark finishes so I comprised and got the dark legs with a light top. Murphy's Law...discontinued.

I found a smaller upright freezer. My huge, behemoth went on to it's next stage of life as my root cellar after the compressor died. It served me well for almost 35 years as a freezer so I'm not complaining. My root vegetables stay good for 6-9 months in it. How can I have a root cellar at sea level? I partially buried in and the rest of the exposed surface got an earth berm. That was six years ago and have made do with only the freezer attached to my refrigerator since. I've sorely missed having one. Fourteen cu.ft should do me nicely. My son-in-law shot a deer yesterday. So it won't be empty for long.

Sort of like this
I decided I only wanted a love seat and an arm chair in my living room instead of two sleeper sofas, a love seat and two chairs.  I might have the space for all of that, but that doesn't mean I have to filled the space with furniture. I won't be hosting my large family get togethers here anymore. I was looking for something a bit more feminine. Maybe a light floral with plenty of color. So a contrasting arm chair in a solid would be possible. Definitely not the heavy wear, child proof stuff, leather or imitation leather stuff, but a fabric. I tend to wear shorts year around and am tired of getting stuck to it or itch like crazy from it. Everything was browns, blacks, get the idea. The kicker in a purchase was the seat height and depth. Once again, I had to be able to get up without struggling. I love my gliding rocker dearly, and have rocked my babies and grandbabies in it.  Except now since my stroke, I have a real hard time getting up and down from it.  I couldn't find anything.

What's wrong with the attitude of "I want what I want when I want it?" You can never find it. In this gotta have it now society we live in, you'd figure somebody would have what I'm looking for. I even searched online...nada! Short of buying something I like the build of and reupholstering it, I'm out of luck. Reupholstering a new piece of furniture seems like a waste of money to me, how about you? I've even gone to yard sales, perused newspaper ads, craigs list, ebay, overstock, amazon, and facebook trying to find what I want. Talk about frustrating.

It's not like I have time or a ton of money to burn. I've got another week and a half to get this done or I'll be in an empty house...sans furniture. A mattress on the floor would work if I could get up from the floor. Yep the yard sales have done a wonderful job. I've only got a few dates when everyone can come in and carry their new possessions home.

Besides the flooring company is coming to rip up the wall to wall carpeting to install the wood floors in the house. I hate carpeting. Nothing amps up my allergies more. I don't want to have to move furniture around. After nearly 17 years in this place even vacuuming and shampooing doesn't get all the crap up. Give me an area rug I can hang outside and beat the tar out of it any day. Yes, they can be a trip and fall hazard but they make tape for that.

Yes, I'm downsizing. All the furniture I'm keeping and/or buying will fit very comfortably in my great room (14x28). Actually that's not such a bad idea, if all the bathrooms weren't on the other side of the house. Hmm, there's an idea. I could pit in a convertible twin size Murphy bed and desk in my old dining room.I mean it's will have more than enough room in it without the seats 12 dining table and hutch is gone.  I was planning to get one for my tiny house. It can be a work, sleep, eat,and  play set up in one piece of furniture. I can just close off half of my house except for a bathroom. Cheaper in heating and cooling. Less clutter. Easier to keep clean. I've even got the sheets from my husband's hospital bed for it. The more I think about it, I like it. Looks like I'm heading down to Jacksonville, FL to get one. It's an hour away, but worth it.

I decided to put in a dutch door between my store room and my rabbitry (the old family room). That way the bunnies can't get into my pantry. Actually, it's half of dutch doors. The top section of the door will be left off for ventilation. Hopefully, Buddy won't be able to jump over it. That's one high leaping bunny rabbit. Buddy can jump over a baby gate. I found one at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $40. It was in an old daycare.

So that's my week or couple of weeks. How's yours been?


  1. I hate shopping for furniture so I feel your pain. I love that my on-suite bathroom puts my toilet 20 feet from my bed.

  2. We shop in antique stores only - except for the new couches in our living room - our previous ones were so worn that I finally laid down an ultimatum: either we leisurely pick out what we want now or be forced to under the gun when the dog scratches a hole through a cushion because I WILL NOT have duct tape on my living room sofa. Upholstered furniture is not worth buying in antique stores - re-upholstering is outrageously priced. Unfortunately I know that through experience.

  3. Wow! Good luck finding everything. I'm a dark wood person, but to each his own. BTW, I find counter-height seating to be hard to climb up on and sit at. My legs hurt if not flat on the floor. Like I said, each of us has our own wants and tastes. The nifty little bed/desk/etc. looks lovely if one had a studio apartment. {{{{hugs}}}}

  4. P.S. I love your combo Murphy bed/desk/table. I once heard in a micro-house video that everything inside a micro house must serve AT LEAST two purposes, which sounds like just what you have in mind.


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