Wednesday, September 9, 2015

On the Road Again

Well Friday afternoon will be my first long road trip since my stroke. I'm a little bit nervous. My daughter asked if she could drive the first part. My driving one handed makes her nervous. I'll gladly let her drive as far as Dublin. I'll drive the rest of the way through Atlanta and to our destination of Cornelia, GA. All told, it's about 5 and 3/4 of a hours worth one way to the north Georgia mountains.

Weekend before last, I picked up two French angora rabbits from a lady that was getting out of the rabbit business. She just groomed and bred them. She gave away their wool. They were a gray and a brown angoras who I named "Colm" and "Kieran." "Colm" is Gaelic for dove for the gray one. "Kieran" means brown warrior in Gaelic. They are eight weeks old.

Catching the theme for my rabbitry yet? Since the acreage is called Murphey Meadows or Murphey Madness. It's definitely a southern Irish thing or Gaelic. Even though I'm Japanese and only Irish in my widowhood. Sure and Begorrah! Ye'll be seeing leprechauns and fairies next  in the green fields.

I had not planned all these colorful angoras when I first planned my rabbitry, but I figured why not. Blue eyed white French angoras are few and far between. I've seen two advertised for sale in California, and two on the east coast in Pennsylvania over the past few months. Those would be v-e-r-y long road trips and I'm not up to that yet. Not that I doubt my driving skills, but have you noticed how many idiots are driving these days?!

Back to this weekend...we'll be driving up to Cornelia to meet face-to-face with an YouTube homesteader I subscribe to. I'm going to show her how to butcher chickens. She hatched out a bunch of roosters and they've been pecking her ankles. My rule is they get one warning. After that it's the next stage of life for them. If they draw blood with the first peck it's an automatic death sentence. I don't know if you've ever been pecked by a chicken before, but take my word for hurts!

the one on the left
While I'm in that neck of the woods, I'm going to pick up the mate for Clover. He's a self  Black German/French mixed angora. His name will be Dubu, Gaelic for black or dark one. He's the one on the left sticking out his tongue while the photo was being taken. The other one is more cantankerous. The breeder said his father does the same thing when his picture is being taken. To me, his funny personality quirk will fit right in with me. He'll be almost four months old when I get to pick him up. He and Clover should make some pretty babies next year. Canton is only about a hour away so I'll hit it on the way home.

We originally planned this trip for the weekend of the 19th, but my grandson's homecoming game and dance are on that Saturday. So we bumped up the trip by a week. So if you're in north Georgia and see a silver Toyota van headed towards you...Quick! Get off the side walk! No, only kidding. I drive way better than that.


  1. Bon Voyage (Sorry, but I don't know how to say it in Gaelic). It sounds like a fun trip, and you'll have a couple more companions, which always warms my heart.

  2. Safe travels! I don't know how to kill chickens and I admit, I'd rather not know.
    Glad you picked up some new rabbits.

  3. Enjoy the trip, Jo! {{{{hugs}}}}

  4. Have fun! Rabbitry sounds like an interesting business. I love Dubu's cheeky expression.

  5. Drive safe! I'm excited about your rabbitry. we're thinking of getting a Llama or some sheep.

  6. I'm getting excited as a kid. Is it tomorrow yet!
    Sara, the 5 year plan for the mini farm calls for miniature angora goats and south down sheep too. None grow bigger than 26".

  7. Hi Jo - you'll be getting ready ... but know I'll be thinking of you. Safe travelling .. and enjoy that trip and those rabbity things - they will make a lovely collection - just keep them out of the chicken crock pot - my mother used to do our chickens - and I never had to take that plunge.

    Enjoy the trip ... next weekend sounds fun too ... cheers Hilary


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