Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Stroke Survival: The Latest Trend to Wear It

For the past half a decade the hottest trend has been wearable technology. The latest in headsets, hat mountable video recorders, bluetooth ear pieces, surveillance eye name it and somebody has probably made it. It's the stuff of sci-fi fans imaginings from decades past come to life.

Even televisions and radios have miniaturized into wristwatches like Dick Tracy of years gone by. Maybe it's just me being an old fart, but I remember a life before all these technological wonders. I look at all these advances as a World Expo come to pass and wonder what the future will hold. It's dreams come true for many and the demand for such products is increasing.

As little as thirty years ago, wearable computers meant this...
It got a little better with laptops. Although it still was cumbersome because you had to put on the harness and then position your laptop.

With the advent of wearable computers it looks like this...

Yes, I'm an old fart and fairly stuck in my ways. While I can be an innovator, those times of being first in line have long ago departed with advancing age. I kind of image myself as my grandmother who had her old, tube type radio and her reaction to...
floor model

a transistor radio with all this miniaturization of technology.

Although I keep abreast of the new technology and what is available out there, it still is shades of science fiction to me. I take the attitude; "It's interesting but I'm not going to run out and buy it." 

While I'll admit it's great, I also understand the built in obsolesce in today's technology. Within six months or less a newer, more advanced product will be on the market. Why do I need it right now? Convince me and I'll buy it. But be warned, I'm a tough sell. 

For example, I've been wanting a Microsoft Surface computer for a while now to replace my desktop and laptop. Before I could seriously convince myself to buy one, SurfacePro 2 came out. Now there's another version soon to hit the market.

If it ain't broken beyond repair, don't replace it. Is my going strategy. If I have to have it. I'll get it, but otherwise I'll pass.


  1. I really like the “Desktop”! It is tough to hold 20lbs on the battery solution but I can do it...

  2. Ha! I have an HP desktop for the long work, but do enjoy my new combo surface/laptop from Dell for noodling around.


  3. Once you start getting that stuff, it becomes addictive. I'm on my fifth iPad now.


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