Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Redefining Disability Project: Post #17

Time again to answer another question.

Have you experienced discrimination because of disabilities?
This is a big issue for me as an advocate. All I can say is some have tried, but I won't allow it. It's like a bully picking on someone smaller, it raises my hackles. I've never been one to stand back and watch discrimination occur for any reason.

Christina and Jenn today
When my daughter Christina, #2 daughter, entered school for the first time, I asked the teacher to talk to the class about her braces. She has Rheumatoid Arthritis. From the time she was 18 months old, she wore these braces to keep the swelling from disfiguring her permanently. While she could wear her hip, knees, and arm braces while away from school, she had to wear a brace specifically designed for her to write and color with because she couldn't hold a pencil or crayons.

By being proactive and explaining to everyone about her disability and the what the cool, metal brace did, no classmate singled her out. She excelled and conquered.

Jennifer, #4 daughter, took my stance. She's learned by example. She always called herself special and unique embracing it as her own. She made others envious that they couldn't be like her. In fact if she changed her hairstyle, within a week several other girls came to school wearing the exact same hairstyle.

Both of my girls were special needs kids. Christina with her JRA and Jenn with her TBI (traumatic brain injury survivor). Initially, I paved the road for their campaigns of anti-discrimination towards the disabled. Now they continue it just like their momma.

You can try to discriminate against me for my disability, but watch out for the fight to come. If it ain't right, I'll be its champion. God gave me a voice and writing ability to make sure it doesn't happen. The message is clear. Stand up and correct those that believe in discrimination. If you can't speak or write take someone with you that can, but use some common sense. If it is dangerous for you to do it, don't.

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