Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Fun~ My Birthday!

Yep, it's that time of year again. All together now... "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you---"

"Quick, somebody get the fire extinguisher before the whole house goes up in flames!"

No, not really. Open flames are not allowed in my house any more because of my hubby's oxygen. They aren't needed anyhow. Just to count that many candles, there would be nothing left of them by the time you finished. I imagine you'd have a hard time lighting all of them before they were stubs. Yeah, I'm an old fart.

But now on to the fun part...presents!

Remember me talking about this loom and to save money I was going to build my own? I even went out and bought the wood and the nails. My husband took over drilling the nail holes for me. He's averaging about four holes a day. Sweetie that he is. At that rate it'll be a month before he gets all the holes drilled, but he's still hard at it.

Well, imagine my surprise when the UPS man knocked at my door with a package for him yesterday. My hubby got his pocket knife out and slit the tape, and he handed it to me saying, "happy birthday." The old sneaky leprechaun that he is had gotten on the internet and ordered my birthday present. I opened the box to find the All-in-one loom I wanted. He also assured me that he'd keep on working on my homemade loom too. But he didn't want me to wait until he finished it to knit to my heart's content.

All together now, "Awwwww!"

My birthday. Another year of celebrating it with my husband. Another year of surprises and joy. Another year of wisdom hard won. Another year in stroke recovery. AND another year to spent with those I love.


  1. From a childrens' show I watched. Casey Jones
    Happy happy birthday
    to every girl and boy.
    Hope this very special day
    brings you lots of joy.

    Hope this birthday presents
    you get from Mom and Dad
    will make this very special day
    the best you ever had

    I sing this very off key to friends voice mails.

  2. Thank you Alex and Rebecca!
    Dean-the old western railroad with Alan Hale Jr pre-Gillian's Island. I remember it well! Although I was almost a teeny bopper by then.

  3. been lurking in the shadows... though i thought i would come out and wish you a glorious happy birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday and your hubby rocks!

  5. What a dear heart your hubby is! I think that's what birthdays become as we get older...a day to count our blessings.

    I hope you had a truly wonderful birthday. *hugs*

  6. Happy birthday!
    Such a sweet thing for him to do. You'll have to let me know of interesting patterns that you find - I haven't knit in four months and I miss it!

  7. You have a Sweet Man! Good for him! And {{{{hugs}}}} for the day. ;-)

  8. Happy belated Jo! You are one lucky woman! XOXOXOXO God Bless You and know that I'm always an email away. Eva


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