Wednesday, February 12, 2014

St. Simons Made the List!

I was browsing yahoo news snippets this morning, and saw a familiar picture. The article was titled "America's Most Romantic Towns."
Sure enough when I opened it, my very own St. Simons Island was list #1 of 10! As if there was any doubt judging from the number of marriages I've officiated at before my stroke.

                      "No. 1 ST. SIMONS, GA • America’s top town for romance strikes the right balance between seclusion and accessibility. Located on one of Georgia’s Golden Isles, this southern-style beach town has both white sands and live oaks, and was a hit with readers in romance-friendly categories such as picnicking and charming caf├ęs. You can rent bicycles, browse antique shops, and check out another undeniable marker of romantic destinations: the local lighthouse. Stay at the 34-room St. Simon’s Inn, and you’ll get a clear view of the 19th-century landmark. (Photo by James Schwabel / Alamy)"
For me, coming in second was Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island listed as #10 globally as most romantic beaches.

In other news- My purse is $1,300 is lighter today than it was yesterday. (My portion after insurance) It takes 5 months to save that much money on a fixed income. I had another series of Botox injections. 300 CCs worth in my lower and upper arm plus my pectoral muscle. Eighteen EMG guided needles probing (digging) for the exact spot. It should alleviate some of the spasticity in the arm relaxing the muscles some and breathing will become easier again. It only took two hours to accomplish that feat. Post stroke life is such a joy! 
Oh and I forgot to mention the private sitter fee for my hubby that is paid out of pocket. Yesterday was expensive but worth it! Fifteen dollars an hour times three hours. YOU HEAR THAT SOCIAL SECURITY? And, they say I should work outside the home instead of caring for my hubby. That savings isn't considered income though because it isn't taxable or deductible. Forgive me for ranting without warning.

The good news is that I've met my yearly out of pocket limit with this and a carotid artery scan I had done in January so after this the insurance will cover 100% for the rest of the year. It's really quite sad to reach your out of pocket expense for the year in February, but that's life post stroke and having a bad heart.

Another piece of news- My DH is on the mends of sorts. No he's still dying in slow increments, but he seems to have rallied a bit. It may be his body adjusting to the added morphine, but he's more lucid than he was. He is sleeping only about 18 hours a day which is a blessing to me. We are able to spend a couple more hours of together time. Every second is a blessing. Although he has more episodes of severe difficulty breathing, with that taken into consideration, he is smiling and laughing more.

Just thought you'd like to know.


  1. Wonderful about Terry! I'm glad you have this time together.

  2. Hi Jo - I've been stuck in my own dust-sorting-builders warp .. but I'm just about out and on the other side.

    I hope the wheel chair thing is sorted and I'm glad you were able to organise reduced bills - just makes sense.

    Also .. so pleased you had that time together ... life is so precious ...

    With many thoughts - Hilary


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