Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's COLD in the Golden Isles!

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The arctic blast has really done a number on us. For the second day in a row it's down right chilly!

Several years ago we decided to forgo the $50 a month gas bill. The only thing using gas was my furnace, but still I paid each month for the luxury of having it. Even at the coldest part of the year which lasted maybe two months, it was rarely over $75 a month. Yeah, I'm lucky ain't I?

But temperatures in the 20s is almost unheard of in the Golden Isles of Georgia. The last time we had snow, other than flurries, was 1988! It seemed like a good deal at the time saving us over $500 in just the warmer months. We opted for a wood burning stove and made pellets during the summer months out of dead leaves and shredded newspaper. More on this in my book Are You a Survivalist or a Prepper? Nifty how I slid that plug in, huh.

For really colder nights we supplemented our heat with small electric space heaters. It just used free power from our solar panels. But with my DH (darling hubby) on constant flow oxygen, lighting the wood burning stove is down right dangerous! One space heater is dedicated to the living room for my DH and the animals and the other one is in the office. No, I don't carry it into bedroom at night. I just hunker down under heavy blankets. A royal pain when I get up in the mornings. When I'm in the kitchen the oven is most likely going so it's warm enough in there to break a sweat.

During the daylight hours it usually warms up some and warms the house, but not the past two days! The inside temperature has dropped to 63 degrees by the bathroom thermometer. Talk about a rude awakening! This is the first time my house temp fell below 70 degrees this winter. I really am looking forward to this cold snap being over.

The other problem this cold blast has raised is the dripping of pipes so they don't freeze. I've talked about my current incontinence problems after my stroke here already. There's something about the cold weather, Lasix, and the sound of dripping pipes that give a whole new meaning to Gotta go. Gotta go. Gotta go right now! An Indian dancing for rain has nothing on me. Gotta dash!

Nothing is impossible with determination.


  1. It has been cold at night!
    I'd be happy with sixty-five degrees in the house, but my wife would turn into an ice cube at that point.

  2. Yes it's been COLD! At least today (Wed.) it's above freezing here in Northwest GA. Finally, the doggies have actually been outside for a *walk* not just a pee/poo break. Thanks goodness, this mess is finally easing up.

    Hang in there, Jo!

  3. Alex, But my point is I have no other doable options right now.

    Zan Marie, It hasn't been above freezing since Monday 11pm here even during the day. The wind with this front cuts through everything. Each winter I always say that I'll never gripe about the 100+ temp again...of course I still do. lol

  4. Hope you are warming up today! Here we expect to hit 73, but Monday the low was 37 and the high only 49 and in Florida, we too don't have a furnace! Hang in there. Hoping the weekend will bring you some real relief.

  5. Have you tried having your dog sleep with you? Or getting a couple of dogs?

    We have just one, and it's definitely been 3-dog nights here, but one has to do. Tonight it'll be two dogs in bed w us because we're dog-sitting our daughter's dog.


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