Friday, September 13, 2013

I know it's supposed to be fun friday, but...

I know it's supposed to be Friday Fun, but found this more important. My strokee friend, Amy, posted this today and thought I would share...

Are Neurologists Respected?

Nope.  Dean found a great thread on a forum for student doctors.  The general consensus is that if you get a brain injury you’re screwed because as arrogant as neurologists are, they know absolutely nothing about recovering from an injury to the brain.  Neurologists, feel free to refute this.  The recent neurologist I saw is not included in this generalization – she’s cool.  If you get a brain injury, you BETTER have no qualms about alternative and Eastern Medicine.  There is LOADS of EVIDENCE (research) to support some Eastern treatments but this evidence is ignored by health care practitioners and insurance companies in the west.  I’m determined to change that.

The link takes you  a gold mine of information. Most of my readers know I have a degree in naturopathic medicine. I believe in alternative therapies strongly and/or in conjunction with modern medicine.  So forgive me if I step up on my soapbox here.

Once upon a time, up until the 1950's, 80% of all medicines were plant based in origin. These plants still exist, but big pharma found a way to make cheaper chemical based products cheaper. In fact big pharma, discounted all plant based drugs as substandard. Yes, varying methods of strength was hard to judge and and proper dosing.

I've educated my own therapists and neurologist in herbal and alternative medicine that has worked for me like acupuncture and mostly electronic acupuncture. My neurologist just yesterday was full of questions about the sedating abilities of electronic acupuncture when I showed her my device. My hour appointment lasted two hours with the demonstration. It's how I reduce spasticity and pain to a manageable level between Botox injections without pain medicine.

For me, that's a sign of a good neurologist. I strongly dislike closed minded doctors, or those with a god complex. She's not opposed to finding new ways to treat her patients. She even wrote out the ordering information.

For her base line I had not used my device for two days prior to the appointment so I was sure all the previous effects had worn off. I told her to try and open my hand and straighten my wrist. With no Botox left in my system the fist was clenched tight, thumb locked at better than 90 degrees in all joints and inside my closed fist, and the wrist was cocked at 90 degrees. She fought to do it.

I told her, "now watch." I used the device on a few points for positive energy and had it set for sedation. As you can see the hand and wrist relaxed noticeably. Then I told her that this is how I survive daily with my spasticity. At bad times, I'll do it every six hours. She grabbed her Botox book and compared the sites I hit with those for the injections. Interesting enough, they were the same. Yes, I still got my Botox injections.

Now for an update on the turmoil from yesterday. The neurologist didn't say "no" like I expected. She did say wait though for six months. She wants to try two more series of Botox first to see if it stops the inversion. I can do that. Today is the foot and ankle doctor treating my pressure sore. He's not going to be happy about the new rupturing of the healing sore. (Sigh) Life is a trade off.


  1. I'd read there are a lot of remedies and cures that aren't accepted here in the States.
    Hope things go well today.

  2. Yep their are. The FDA is quick to approve standard big pharma drugs only to realize years later that serious side effects are noted.


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