Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Know and I'm Sorry

Today I was supposed to be hosting Jeremy's It's Time book tour special. I'm sorry everyone. It's being put off to another day. My dog ate my homework. No, really my computer ate part of it with a nasty virus that hit last week. The blog part.

I didn't realize it until day before yesterday. After some frantic emails back and forth, Jeremy and I couldn't pick up all the pieces in time. BUT I promise to have Jeremy's special appearance here soon!

A family emergency took me away from my computer quite a bit yesterday so again I apologize. Oh, crisis averted or at least fixed for now. The ex-husband of one of my daughters showed up here and it got ugly, but he's safely back in the pokey once again. One of these days he's going to realize that it's not smart to mess with the momma. It's all about who and what you know. I'll have to elaborate on this another day.


  1. Jo, whoa! That's not good. Sorry about him showing up. He should know better - I wouldn't mess with you, that's for sure.
    I'm sure Jeremy understands.

  2. Alex, I told you the story behind this ex son in law. You'd think he would have learned from the first go around. Now my 22 month old grandson is having night terrors. You don't mess with what's mine! He won't see daylight for a few days. Hopefully he'll stay away or next time I won't be nice.

  3. Jo,

    I am glad things are slowly working out, no worries... I am happy you are still able to get to me, when is whenever you can. Please take care of the home-front first... so once again thank you...


  4. Viruses are a bitch. I'll say congrats to Jeremy on his book anyway!

  5. Yikes! Sounds like a rough couple of days. Glad things are settling down for you.


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