Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wow! I Just Noticed!

I was going through my weekly analytic check for this blog this morning, My hits for the month hit an all time high of over 11,000 page views for the last month.

The biggest surprise came from looking at the map.  I've always been strongest in the US. No surprise there, but look at the dark green spot in Europe. Germany actually beat out the US in page views, 869 to 836. That was a shocker for me. Also Russia is light-medium green with 102 page views. France came in a strong third with the UK in fifth.

Wohoo! I'm strongly international this month! I'm not discounting Canada or the UK. I've been strong there for months. Now if I could get every area lit up...but that's wishful thinking.

Just thought I would share. I love my analytics!


  1. That's fascinating! I always have a few from Russia and a scattering over Europe and Asia, but for Russia to out number the US is amazing.

  2. Lots of German visitors - keep it up!

  3. Zan Marie-WTG!

    Alex-I have cousins in Germany but not that many

  4. It's interesting to see where people are reading from. Congrats! I always forget to check my stats, though...


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