Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Fun ~Television

Is anyone else bummed about the new episode season being over? I am thoroughly.

At least two of the series I started watching this year dies an untimely death.

After 10 episodes, Last Resort was canceled. While a bit far fetched it was a character driven story line. I'll have to admit the writers knowing the show was about to be canceled they tied up most of the loose ends.

What was even quicker than that was the canceling of Zero Hour after only THREE episodes. Just when the watchers were starting to get interested the station yanks them. Far be it you put anything on television that actually makes the viewers think.

Scandal ended the season with the inevitable cliff-hanger of
the Navy spy guy being caught by Olivia. How long did he expect to keep his secret a secret from someone like Olivia Pope? But him trying to kill just ain't gonna happen. If the mole isn't the mole, who is? No real surprises in the cliff hanger.

The Walking Dead settled one problem but opened up a future antagonist. Andrea, the hapless in love original character, died. I did like the way they portrayed the scene. The face down in the prison was sort of anti climatic. Now what is Rick going to do with all those people living in the prison?

Red Widow is a new series that shows promise. But I expect it to fall
by the wayside also. It's another high concept show.

Arrow keeps getting better and better. Is it my imagination or with the more people who knows who he is the more complex the dynamic become? Oliver Queen may just decide that living on his island is preferable to being home.

1600 Penn is still as stupid as ever. The big question is who will Becca chose to be baby daddy. The show is good for a laugh or two.

Another series I started watching was The Following. I know, I know, but I find it intriguing from a writer's stand point.Each episode is set up like individual chapters in a book that the villain is writing with an FBI agent as the main character. It's like a spider's web intricately connected and planned. How big this web is, is anybody's guess.

Now, just waiting for Fall or just stop watching television again.


  1. i started to watch hannibal and turned it off. my wife and i have decided to skip tv shows for the first season or more... not cause they are not good. nope we just don't want to get hooked and then they get cut too short.

  2. Most of the series I watch are on cable channels, so their seasons are either still going or just started.

  3. I think we're going to take Jeremy's tact. Not watch any shows in the first season and play catch up with the second. This cutting shows after 3 espisodes is for the birds.

  4. Three episodes?!? Wow, that's possibly a record.

    I didn't start watching many new shows this year. I don't have time for the ones I already watch, and I'm always doing something else while I watch. I did watch The Following, but I only continue because I'm a Kevin Bacon fan.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  5. I've been recording The Following and watching it on the weekends--I do like the way the story moves forward, and I agree--it's kind of like the chapters of a book.


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