Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Mailbox~A to Z Challenge

 No, this isn't an email or letter I received. While I considered joining this challenge, I decided against it. Not because It would be hard to blog that much, because I usually blog more than was required. It wasn't because I couldn't figure words of themes to blog about. With a OED anything is possible. It was more the schedule of posting I had set this year for my blog would be interrupted.

But that being said, I've enjoyed reading every post of those I follow. All FIFTEEN of y'all. In previous years I always viewed this challenge with a ho-hum attitude. This year has been different. It maybe be me since my stroke. But here's who I've been reading in no particular order...

1. father dragon                        2. Positive Letters...
3. Lara Lacombe                      4. Retro Zombie
5. Unwritten                             6. PK Hrezo
7. Thrift Shop Commando      7. The Warrior Muse               
9. S. P. Bowers                        9. The Girdle of Melian          

There are a couple more that I am forgetting to name also. Granted most of these are writers with books to sell. But this challenge caused them to think inside a box that is inside a box by the themes they picked. And such a wide array of themes there were.

Now thatthe month of blogs is almost over, a request...keep on blogging. Not everyday. I can't expect all of you to be like me. <g> But at least three times a week. Pretty please with a cherry and sprinkles on top!

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. wonderful post... thank you so much for stopping by, it has been a pleasure to read your thoughts... i am going to better respond to my comments... i am taking a break for a few weeks for some changes that will improve they over all of my sites....

    take care!
    Jeremy [Retro]

  2. Jeremy see you when you get back.

  3. I'm honoured to be among your 15, Jo, and hopefully you'll be pleased to know that today FINALLY picked one of your words! I so appreciate your copious reams of suggestions. :)

    I have little idea what I'll be blogging about post-April, as I normally have no schedule and plan nothing in advance - it'll just be what's on my mind at the time! But I'll be around for sure!

  4. Thank you, JL! I'm glad my theme kept you coming back.
    I have a full month planned in May and will go back to my three times a week posting. Might scale back a little more this summer, but no break for me otherwise.

  5. Aw, this is just what I needed today, JL. It was so easy (albeit lonely) to NOT blog for the past month. I wondered if I was doing the right thing in coming back to it.

    But I'm totally selfish and couldn't imagine not having that connection to my friends around the world in blog land.

    Now I'm thinking--maybe I made the right choice in coming back! So, thank you!

  6. Great post and I'll keep blogging if you do!

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by this month! :)

  8. Wow, kept checking my email today and it showed none. Then I realized I wasn't signed it! Doh!

    Nick- you picked one of my words! I've been practicing my word power with your blog.

    Alex- I'll miss the every day, but I'll continue to read you whenever you post. I just may not comment as often.

    Ali, you've had a rough month. Blogging and working is just what you need right now. Get back in the swing, girl.

    Sara- I'll keep blogging if you do. Sounds like a mini challenge to me. ?

    Lara- I'll always pop over to your site, but may not comment so much. You are read.

  9. I have so enjoyed reading yours. Even if you weren't in the challenge I was delighted to stumble onto your blog. You write from the heart and that is inspiring in so many different ways. Thank you for the inspiration(s)!

  10. Hello Teacher-Mom,
    Nice to see a never before commenter delurk.
    I'm glad you think my blog is inspirational.

  11. Hi Jo .. I'm not stopping - I'm just erratic - tis my nature! Eclectic too .. but I'll be around for many a day ..

    See you soon and thanks so much for the thumbs up ... cheers Hilary


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