Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday's Mailbox

Here's another message from the old Tilda mailbox, or rather e-mail box.

Ηave you ever conѕidеred creating an
ebook or gueѕt authoring on other blοgs? I have a blog baѕed uрon on the sаme infοrmаtion yοu ԁiscuss and would rеally
liκe to have уou ѕhаre sοme storiеs/ іnfοrmatiоn. I know my viewerѕ would valuе your ωоrk.

It was again posted by, you guessed it, anonymous. I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with the '''anonymous" e-mails because I love hearing from people but hate not being able to reply to them. Most "anonymous" comments do not show up here, but go straight to my e-mail addy unless they are a Blogspot members. I'll get five to ten on any post I do.

To answer the e-mail- Yes, I do guest blogging and interviews, and no, I haven't wrote an e-book on the various subjects I write about on this blog. I have done several guest blogging gigs over the past few years on a variety of subjects. I also do interviews and host them from time to time here, and in the blogosphere. I haven't considered an e-book on the subject because honestly the internet and bookstores are overloaded with books on the subject.

What it takes to appear on my blog:
  • The subject of discussion
  • Any pertinent pictures, ie author photo and cover of your book.
  • An e-mail I can send you questions
  • Contact information for others to buy your book or follow you on twitter, Facebook, GoodReads, website/blog
All is handled by e-mail so feel free to to send me a message to also be aware that interviews are usually posted on Fridays in the order in which I receive completed information, questionnaire, and photos. This is the day I do guest blogs, interviews, and reviews.

To have me appear on your blog as a guest:
  • Subject matter or books you want me to discuss
  • Format
  • Other considerations
I can't promise that I can get it all done in a week, but I will do my best. Possible lag time is four weeks with my Abby Normal life. This is subject to change. You may notice on my side bar I belong/contribute to several other things...this is about a quarter of them.

If you've followed my blog for any length of time you may have noticed that I periodically change my background or layout from time to time. I still haven't found my perfect fit. Being an eccentric and eclectic person is hard sometimes. Being a creative person makes it doubly difficult. I just haven't found a theme that screams "ME" yet.

 For the coming year the blogging schedule will look like this:

  • Monday Mailbox: Answers to your questions you e-mail me.
  • Tuesday Tumbling Terms (subject to change): This was a hugely popular item last year. It's basically word power and enrichment. As writers as we strengthen our vocabulary, we write better.
  • Wednesday Writerly Ways: Whether it be grammar, marketing, indie authors or other things about writing/publishing you might want to know.
  • Friday Fun: Interviews and Reviews
  • Sunday Strokes Survival: Challenges of writing and living with a stroke. As my tag line says, everything affects the author in me. As an author and a real live person, my day-to-day life has changed drastically since May 2012.
This is all subject to change, but I hope you will join me.

So what are your blogging ideas for 2013?

Keep writing and loving the Lord.

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