Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blogging Break~Errors~A Swift Kick in the Hinny

I'm taking a couple hours off from writing and editing. I'm reading blogs and blogging. In my rush to get back on track (my own), I find myself making the mistakes I chastise my other authors for. Writing fast is not a good thing. So far, I've edited about 20K words of my new zombie novel and I'm shaking my head at the mistakes. I guess it's better me catching them than someone else. I'm wracking myself on the knuckles with a ruler. "No, no, no!"

I've found telling instead of showing, subject-verb errors, and a host of other wrong things. This is why I always say, it isn't done until the editing is finished. Now, I know better than to do these things. I honestly do. They happened so quickly while writing that I didn't realize I was doing it. This is what a couple months of non-writing will do to a skills set. Simplistic errors which normally will drive me nuts showing up in my own writing.

Okay, so it's back to basics for me. While I had semi hoped to put this new zombie novel up in the Amazon Break-Out contest...it now needs so much work it isn't even funny. It will not be ready in time. Maybe next year with another novel.

I've been working on public appearances and conferences for the year. So far there are ten so it's a good start. I've fallen behind on the twitter and Facebook fronts. The #FF and #WW are really adding followers to twitter, almost 100 on each day, and somehow I do not see the sales correlation. But this part of my marketing plan is only a few months old. Facebook is a slow process. Mainly other authors liking other authors with a few actual fans thrown in. My fan base is growing but hasn't hit the thousand fan mark yet. It's a goal for this year. Meanwhile, this blog has new readers almost daily. It's all about exposure. Getting your name out there as an indie author. In other words, trying to beef up my sales for the coming year and raise expectations for novels due for publication this year.

That's about it for now, I glanced over at my copy and found some more errors. Back to work.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.

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  1. Jo,
    I'm just glad you're back to writing after the eye wound! Good luck on editing.


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