Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twiddling my Thumbs

I sit today wondering what I'm going to blog about. I twiddle my thumbs. It's a mean feat for me. I had both of them broken by my auto air bag during a head on collision a few years back. Pressing the space bar is easier because they stick out straight so typing became a breeze once the splints came off. Nope I never got casts. I had to have custom splints made because up until the last week the swelling was a constant problem.

I'm basically waiting, very impatiently I might add, for my the 10th for my new baby...not a real computer. It's strange when I look back over the decades. Those of you who remember I started writing on a typewriter. Now, I find myself lost without a computer. It just makes life so simple. The same went for my microwave, my cell phone, and a host of other technological advances I've reluctantly adopted over the past thirty years.

My computer is my bookkeeping, my tax worksheets, my calendar, my internet, most of my communications these days, and my job all locked up inside of it. So when my hard drive on my desktop died a horrible death, but not without warning, I was able to store everything on flash's amazing what this small USB drive can save in 18 megs. And it has no moving parts! But it doesn't handle the clothes washer very well as my daughter found out.

  I've talked before about backing up your data. It is so important. Have you backed-up your hard drive lately? Have you backed-up your blog? Have you got back-ups for your back-ups? I do. In fact I do a triple whammy. One on each of two computers (which I lost 1), one on flash drives, and one on an online service. I am positively anal compulsive about my back-ups. So much of our lives today are computer based.

My husband asked me about the benefits of buying an i-pad or some such device. I told him as far as I knew he would work fine for him because it wasn't a regular computer computer. He just surfs the internet when he's awake and reads the articles. But for me, I need the full functioning type computer. I do a lot more than just surf with mine. Yes, there are tons of aps, keyboards, mouses, etc for those type devices, but I don't see the need.

But then again... I felt the same way about computers, microwave ovens, and cell phones.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.

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