Monday, December 12, 2011

New Beginnings at the End of the Year

Well folks it's almost 2012. Eighteen more days and we put an end to another year. It is also the end of my experiment.

Here are some numbers to chomp on...

Digital sales for all my novels is a larger portion than I expected. While I've sold or donated over 2,500 e-copies of my novels, including children's, I've actually pocketed the change from over half that. All in all, not a bad investment. No money down and reap the benefits of my labor. But you know what they say about money...the more you have; the more that flies out of your pocket.

The costs of this year's endeavors... 1 new computer, three ink cartridges, 1 case of paper, internet service for promotion, postage, copies of books given away for contests, servicemen, and reviews...the experience as a whole...priceless. This doesn't include house repairs or medical bills faced this year, but I actually have been able to pay my mortgage this last quarter so I'll consider this experiment a success.

What was gained...a whole bunch of new readers for my blog, new followers on facebook, and new avenues of promotion like twitter and goodreads. I only thought I knew marketing. I've learned a lot about e-marketing a product.

Now comes the end of the year, the time when I pull out all the receipts and get them in order for tax season...yeah I know Uncle Sam has his hand out too.

But this year I have a surprise for him...a huge deduction in solar power renovations. That pretty much wipes out my tax bill and puts me in the negative income bracket. I was at the point of being between a rock and a hard place with the power company with my husband on electrical based life support. The power outages have been horrendous for us this year. Whether it was a transformer blowing in the neighborhood or an accident taking out part of the grid. :) The expense of repairing my office that the insurance did not cover...this is why I keep my home office instead of using my living or dining room to write in. Oh and my new computer...cha-ching! Either a 179 write off or deduction for 3 years.

Now, comes the decision time...will I continue to self-publish or try and break into standard publishing. I've had offers from three publishers on my zombie series since the first one was published. Yes, it is exciting. Yes, my books will probably find a bigger audience. Yes, I can take off some of the hats I wear. But will I?

I'll have to let you know later after the second zombie book is edited. There are pros and cons to either path I choose and requires thought. A year ago I would probably have jumped at the chance...maybe. I still have personal issues which are still open. I still am a bull-headed Taurian and want my own way. I'm not unreasonable mind you, just sort of set in my ways. :)

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. You know Zombies are majorly trending right now, could be worth it! Good Luck to you!

  2. Samantha, zombies have been trending since the 1960's. It's just me finally jumping on the bandwagon. :)


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