Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Week Without Writing

 This past week has been filled with life getting in the way of my writing. It's hard to believe it's been a week gone. It flew by so fast! I performed eight weddings in five days and slated eight more over the past three days for the coming months.  Yes, I said months. I am advance booking into November now.

It has left me with little time to write. I'm so exhausted by the time I get home I check my email accounts, grab a shower, and hit the sack. Don't get me wrong I love what I'm doing. But this semi retired job is becoming a full time one fast and without advertising. If only my readership grew this fast. Although, I really can't complain. The two week sales report on "Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption" and "Who Stole Baby Ruth" have been pretty fair with the numbers climbing each week.

Now for an update on my toes. Ready for the ouchie???

This was a copy of an x-ray taken yesterday. It looks surprising a lot like the one taken at the hospital the day I broken it over six weeks ago once the tape was removed! The doctor had warned me this was a slow healing fracture, but he really expected to see SOME results by now.  They have changed the classification to a nonunion fracture because it hasn't healed a lick and that's the bad news.  For the good news, I'm still basically off my feet as much as I can be. Even with all the weddings mentioned above I can count on two hands exactly how many hours I've been on my feet either standing or walking in the past two weeks...just like the doctor ordered.

Now just like all of you, there are meals to be fixed, groceries bought, pharmacy runs, doctor appointments and work...for me work is writing and my ministries. (I'm not even touching housekeeping issues laid to rest-the fine picnic china for us) I've given up the alcohol/drug counseling and hospital visitations temporarily because like most hospitals ours is huge with a whole lot of walking around to get from one place to another. I have narrowed my actual working ministry to just weddings for the time being. I have bills to pay just like all of you so money has to come in.

So what's the fix for my poor abused toes? An electromagnetic ultrasonic machine, twice a day for forty minutes. I heard from the doctor and equipment rep that it's the next best thing to sliced bread for bone healing. From what I've read online it goes both ways...some swear by it and others swear at it. Time will tell. I have yet another appointment in two weeks to hopefully see some improvement. What really scares me is that if this doesn't work the next step is bone grafts. I like surgery as much as the next gal (yeah right!). The last time I went under the knife my heart stopped twice. Now, I don't know about y'all, but this is not pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination.

I hear those rocks rolling around in your head...if you've spent so much time off your feet, why aren't you writing?  Aha, there's the rub. Imagine if you will, me lying on my back with my leg thrown over the back of the couch or lying in bed with one of the huge bedrest bolster cushions up under my left leg trying to keep the swelling out of my foot. I'm allergic to anti-inflamatories so I'm pretty much limited to ice and elevation to reduce swelling, and I'm SHORT! Not much room for a laptop unless it sits on my chest and then it's too close to type. Hmmm, maybe I could sit at my desk with my desktop PC, raise my foot so my heel rests on top of the of the monitor on my desk... nah, I'm too old to be a contortionist.

On a lighter note, if you've stopped laughing at the mental image of my foot propped up on my monitor, in two short weeks the Halloween blog hop starts. I'm excited. I should have the schedule of where I'm going to be and who will be on my blog set in stone by next week so stay tuned.  It's sure to be a spook-ta-cular event!

How was your week?

As always keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. Good grief, Jo! Ouch doesn't even begin to cover it, does it? My prayers are with you.

    My week is looking up. I had to get up early with a headache, but I've also worked nearly 3 hours on a rewrite of my plot bunny story. Today's looking good. ; )

  2. My week? Well, this is the first week that I truly realized that I have to find some way to fit in writing and blogging in my new 40 a week job. I know that being tired when I get home shouldnt be an I have to find a schedule for it...


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