Monday, September 19, 2011

October Blog Hop and Cover Art

As promised, more details on the month long horror blog hop for Halloween. Well, here it is. I do suggest turning on all the lights and grabbing your favorite cuddly while reading these authors. Halloween related questions will be asked as well a promo for their novels. Thank you Angel Haze for putting all this together and allowing me to participate!!!!
The schedule is list...

October 1st is Lisa McCourt Hollar author of "Sam," "The Wall," "Hidden Secrets Whispered Lies," and her newest release "The Carnival."

October 5th is Weston Kincade  author of "Invisble Dawn: book one of altered realities," and his newest release "A life of Death."

October 7th is Nina Perez  author of "Rebirth: the twin prophesies."

October 13th is Nick Olivio author of "Imperium: a Caulborn novel."

October 19th is Angel Haze author of "War of the Witches: legacies of Talimura," and her newest release "Bloodletter."

October 21st is Jim Bonyaur author of "The Devil's Weekend" and his newest release "The Failed."

October 26th is Douglas Dorow author of "The Nineth District."

And finally on All Hallow's Eve, October 31st is J.D. Stroube author of "Caged in Darkness" and her newest release "Caged in Damnation."

I'm excited. Later I will let you know when I'll be popping up on their sites so stay tuned.

Now, for other news, I've been practicing my zombie makeup techniques. This has been tedious and really hard to do on myself. Much easier when I practiced on my grandson. <g>

I've done the cover art for "Surviving Hank" which is my next southern fiction suspense.

The cover art for my next espionage suspense "The Mayan Serpent."

The cover art for "Zombie Apocalypse: Travelers."

And did the color version for the cover for "mr. Goodbar Goes to the Hospital."

Yes, I've been busy the week I wasn't writing. Even with my foot propped up over my head for long periods. LOL


  1. The October blog hop looks fun. Can't wait for it to start. Hope you foot starts to heal.

  2. Me too! While it's great that I'm officially off my feet an can write more or possibly write's a pain.

    This blog hop will be my first. So as a virgin sacrifice awaiting the dragon, I'm nervous and anticipation/trepidation is running high.


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