Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween Blog Hop Revisited

Alrighty, I promised to let you know where and when I'll be on other blogs this coming month so here is the dates and links to the websites.

October 3rd Lisa McCourt Hollar's blog at
              4th Weston Kincade blog at
              7th Douglas Dorow's blog at
             10th Nina Perez's blog at
             14th Jim Bronyaur's blog at
             19th Angel Haze's blog at
             20th Nick Olivio's blog at
and finally on the 26th J. D. Stroube's blog at

From the Halloween questions sent to me so far this should be a fun event of follow the authors. There are even copies of paperbacks and e-books being given away. Get to know you favorite horror/suspense authors. It will like going on one of those moonlight ghost tours without leaving the comfort of your home.

For the giveaways go to:

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


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