Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday Stroke Survival:My Get Up and Go, Got Up and Went

There's a small ton of stuff I could be doing: there's fiber to spin, a slew of new knitting patterns to make, preserves and frozen vegetables to can, soups to make, seeds to start, and even new animals to tend, but with these gray, rainy days of winter my get up and go has got up and went away. I lack the motivation to do any of it. Blah!!

I've got the winter doldrums bad. It doesn't help that living post stroke makes it doubly difficult to move around outside without slipping in clay mud. I do the bare minimum. We haven't gotten any snow this year, just flurries that melts when it touches the ground. It's been a wet, rainy winter. I can't even go into the bunny/chicken hoop house without doing the slippery-sliding dance for balance. Even the moments of joyful bunny Eskimo kisses and their antics only bring a short lived smile to my face. We've got to replace the tarp covering. But that takes more energy than either us have.


It's time to find something fun to do! Something we haven't done in a while. Hmm, er, hmm. Do you see the smoke coming from my ears as the wheel in my brain turn? Money has been tight for months while saving to replace Mel's truck. She's against buying one on credit so options are limited. Even going out for a pizza has been put on the back burner, but I may spurge this month and do just that. We both need a break. A glass of wine for Mel and her cat, and a large pizza that we can eat on for a couple of days sure sounds good. Plus, it's a meal I didn't have to cook or clean up after.

Maybe for Valentine's Day (neither one of us have a sweetie to spoil us) or there about. I wish there was something decent to watch at the movie theater. Most of what I see advertised or previews are junk that hold no interest for either of us. Then there is the expense of the theater. I can remember paying a quarter to get into the movies. Now it's $10-$15 a person. That's outrageous! No wonder why people pay for Netflix, HBO, and the like, but the downside is you don't leave home or interact with other people. We need to break the rut we are in and do something different. We need to get out and away from the homestead. Spend a couple hours and not at doctors, nor have to dos to recharge our batteries so we can tackle all our have to dos.

Okay, pizza it is. I think we'll forego the patio dining like we usually do. Thirty degrees is a bit chilly for that. It's amazing how with a little typing and sorting through thoughts a solution is found.

Nothing is impossible.

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