Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Stroke Survival: Life's Busy Signal

You know the busy signal sound by heart on the telephone. What is the sound your life makes when you're too busy? I have no idea, but it's making it.

I've been traveling a bit of late. I drove to North Carolina for my yearly trek to the Amish store for non GMO flour, wheat, sugar, and canning jars. I now have finally reached my goal of 1,000+ pint jars. No, not all of them are filled... yet.

I missed my my annual trip home to the Golden Isles. Mel was ill with a stomach bug and there was too much going on here for me to leave. I'll go next month. I'd go more often if I didn't have to get a motel room every trip. It kind of gets expensive. It's like a vacation...the only one I get these days and that's usually only 24-48 hours. The homestead takes up about 50%- 75% of my time. The rest is taken up by doctors, pharmacy and shopping runs, and therapists which means I'm driving away. It seems I'm always on the go when all I want to do is stay home.

My body tells me I'm doing too much, especially living post stroke. My fast, advancing age is a factor too. Physically, the aches and pains start. It takes longer to recover. When younger, aches and pain meant strength and gains, but when you are older, you are doing too much. You are still living and kicking. But what sound does your life make to tell you that you are too busy?

When you have a busy life, you are juggling many balls. I've simplified my life, but am still juggling a whole lot of balls. When I was younger it involved others like family and extended family. Now, it's just me and I'm dropping balls left and right. But there's no audible signal except my hand slapping my forehead. Doh!

I've been actively involved with my stroke support group. I haven't missed a meeting yet this year. I've also taken on refreshments for these meetings. But they are only six times a year so it's no big deal or hardship. I've got a fairly active online presence with my blogs and a couple of forums. Of course, there is my game playing group also. I only have to appear every couple of months. I greatly benefit from both of these in my cognitive relearning. We also have YouTube videos when we get all our equipment working at the same time again.

Now, I'm looking into a woman's group of homesteaders. They meet once a month at the local library. Do I really want to add another iron to the fire? That's the current dilemma. Will it help the business end of our homestead? Will it help us glean information? Will it help us become more self sufficient and sustainable? Will we connect to other like minded individuals? Someone else closer to us than our internet groups? Yes, to all. But it's just another iron in the fire. Another have to do that takes me away with more activities.

What sound does your life make when it's too busy? Shouldn't there be a busy signal? Before you start dropping the balls you are juggling? Before you take on one more project? Maybe the fact that I'm writing about it IS my busy signal. What's your busy signal that you are doing too much in your life?

Nothing is impossible.


  1. Or will it be a bunch of people who just want to chat?
    Does your family ever come visit you there?
    And where in North Carolina did you go?

  2. It's always something, isn't it Alex. My family has never visits me except for my youngest daughter who brought the remainder of my stuff in a grandma's attic u-haul. Winston-Salem, NC


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