Monday, July 29, 2013

Uh Oh! Medical Woes

Well my DH (darling hubby) has done again, but this time it's a double whammy. Just got home from the doctor's office. So far we've battled pneumonia for months twice and him trying to go into congestive heart failure twice this year alone.

The past few days I've noticed more swelling in his ankles and a cough that is yucky. So of course I should call one of his doctors, but which one? See we have ologistitis in this household...more specialists than you can shake a stick at.

I called all of them. The only one who could see us fast was his pulmonologist. His pulmonologist is great. Big burly, Jewish man with a great sense of humor. I first met him while working in post surgical nursing a couple of decades ago.  My husband had actually dated his ex-wife before she became Mrs. Dr. Pulmonologist and I knew her from college. I did try to warn him before the leap but he didn't listen.  Now years later he is my husband's doctor. The world rotates full circles.

Anyhow getting back to the doctor's appointment. I had grabbed my stethoscope and listened to my husband's heart and lungs this morning and heard bubbly sounds. Not good. Really not good. The doctor heard it too. Diagnosis= pneumonia again. Then he checked my husband out further and noticed his swelling legs. Congestive heart failure. Now my husband has a DNR in place. Everyone is on the same page and knows this.

The doctor said three words, "hospital admission stat."
Of course my hubby had his head turned away from him and asked me, What?"
I told him and he started to shake his head violently.

I sighed and looked at the doctor who pulled out his prescription pad. The pulmonologist had had this battle before with my husband on several occasions this year alone. He handed the prescriptions to my husband and gave me the instructions. Even if I hadn't been a nurse, I knew how serious my husband's condition was. Good thing he married a nurse, huh?

As we were getting to leave the office he asked for the prescriptions back and tore them up. I thought he was going to admit him anyways. No, he picked up the phone and called my pharmacy. He had overheard my husband complain about the two hour wait or tomorrow morning before we could get the prescriptions. He identified himself and asked if the pharmacist could have the prescriptions ready in ( he looked at me for a time) and told the pharmacist 20 minutes. The pharmacy closest to my house is a very busy place even with 2 pharmacists and 2 pharmacy techs working.

The pulmonologist smiled and hung up the phone. "It's in the works. It'll be ready just go through the drive-thru window. If it's not, call me back."
I thanked him and headed for the check-out desk, but he called me back. "How much oxygen does he have?"
I told him the concentrator, the 1lb cylinder, and half of a "D" cylinder.
He picked up the phone again and called our oxygen supply company. He uses the same one and they make deliveries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. "Mike'll meet you at your house in an hour. Wouldn't want your hubby to do without if the power fails. If you need anything else just call." With that he smiled and turned towards his next patient's room.

The next visit is to his cardiologist. I've already warned my husband that he needs to think long and hard about a pacemaker. That the next step. He has skirted the issue for far too long.

Is it any wonder that I hand pick doctors and suppliers? In my mind choosing doctors should be done with care and thorough investigation. Doctors are like lawyers. A good one is hard to find, but when you do...hold onto them tight.

Meanwhile I'll be spending a few days away from here until he improves. Blogs are written for the week, but I won't be answering comments in a timely fashion like I usually do.

Take care and talk to you next week.


  1. I'm sorry, JL! Prayers for your husband. Sounds like your doctor is excellent - a rare gem.

  2. Hi JL .. well that is service with a smile and above and beyond - just what we all need in life at times like yours.

    Such a good read .. and I just hope your husband does the best for himself and for you ..

    With thoughts and good luck - cheers Hilary

  3. wish for only the best, it does sound like you have a great on the doctor. only good thoughts.

  4. Aww geez, Jo I'm sorry. I'll say a prayer for you guys.

  5. I'm sorry. Praying for your husband.

  6. Here's hoping you have a quiet week and that his condition improves.

  7. Thanks all. Huggggsssss back at you.

  8. Hope everything works out, Jo {{{hugs}}}


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