Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Mailbox ~ Guest Hosts and Post Rules

It's time to answer you questions...let's take a trip to Tilda the wonder mailbox. Circling my hand in a big fish bowl...aha, got one.

In the past year, I've received numerous requests for guest blogging posts. So far I've accepted none. NONE!? Yep, that's right. This blog is geared towards authors and readers. So many requests come from others which is an instant denial. The rest have a problem is with my rules which I send them when they request a spot. So I'll state them here for all to see for this blog.
  • All guest hosts and posts MUST be related to one of the following subjects: writing, publishing, marketing books, promotion for their books must come at the end,  indie authors, reader reviews, readers books that they love and why, or deal with strokes preferably writing after a stroke.
  • I reserve the right on whether or not I choose to publish the piece and when. 
  • I have a pretty strict schedule of posting and it has to fit. Monday is all me and you (my readers); Wednesday is all about the nuts and bolts of writing, publishing, and marketing, things you've learned along the way while writing that will help other authors; Friday is all about fun stuff- movie and book reviews, and family fun because every author needs some fun in their life. It is also for book trailers; and Sunday is all about stroke recovery. Diane, I'd love to do a piece by you on Bob's recovery as an illustrator. *hint hint*
  • All blog postings and hostings MUST be a minimum of 600 words.
  • My blog is heavy in pictures so author pics, book covers, and other pics concerning the the topic are welcome and encouraged. If not supplied, I will add whatever I find via the internet that relates.
  • Gross profanity for profanity sake will get an instant decline.
  • A preview of the post is required. I reserve the right to say "NO."
That's the basics. If you want to submit a possible blog, go ahead. Just remember da rules.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. Your blog, your rules. :)
    Sound pretty reasonable to me.

  2. i understand... i will stop sending you out my requests... though when i post a comment here, i feel like a guest all the time. warm hospitality... :)

  3. Yes Sara. I thought they sounded reasonable too, but others not so much.

    Jeremy, As I recall you've never sent me a request. Nothing like southern hospitality y'all.

  4. Those don't seem that difficult to follow. Then again, my rules are posted, and often people can't follow them when making a request.

  5. Alex, Some people can't color in the lines either.

  6. Always good to have the rules spelled out so there's no chance of confusion!

  7. Your rules seem pretty easy to follow to me. :)


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