Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Survialist or a Prepper After the Stroke

I recently wrote a nonfiction, Are You a Survivalist or a Prepper? Since my stroke in May not many things apply  that I once could do, obviously! Since I can barely walk, use only one arm, and am speech impaired.

But some things remain constant through adaption. I can peddle my bicycle powered washing machine. It's also therapy for my weakened leg. I'm using my electric dryer because carrying an armload of clothes outside to hang up to dry impossible. Well not impossible just awkward with a cane. My solar oven and homemade Rocket stove remain unused and I bought another electric stove. It's just easier than trying to lift a pot off the stove without having to walk outside to do the task. When walking is difficult, you tend to do what is quicker and easier to conserve my waning energy levels.

While I shot expert with my 9 mm with my right hand, I'm a lousy shot with my left. I'm practicing the slide action and target practice. The rifle is a bit trickier. I've found my .38 easier to handle. By the time I get my right hand back I'll be deadly with both hands which is a plus.

My garden died while I was in the hospital and I cannot operate my tiller with one hand. But I have figured out how to grow certain things in pots, is there any thing better than a fresh, garden grown tomato? I can eat them like an apple with the juices running down my chin. Although there is not the bountiful harvest to preserve for the long term.

I find myself growing attached to items such as my mechanical chopper and food processor, a gift from one of my children. While I'm still a prepper and avid couponer, my husband now clips them. Me and scissors is like molasses in winter. For my big haul items my daughter goes shopping with me because I can carry only two light weight bags at a time. I'm thankful for my foresight in stored items. They carried us through the time I was in the hospital and beyond. I still maintain a careful inventory of what's available at home, but life has changed. I am where I was ten years ago, dependent instead of self-sufficient for the time being.

My hope of building my home on the new site and further renovation efforts on my present home have been put on hold, but the planning goes on. You see,  I still believe in the principle of being a survivalist and a prepper. I'm watching the economy, gas prices rising, the mail system on the verge of bankruptcy, taxes going up, crop failures, and everything else. With political elections next month, it's anybody's guess what the next few years will bring. I'm not worried. I'm prepared although not as prepared as I thought I'd be a few short months ago. Still I keep at it. My family is important to me.

While I may not be as able as I once was, the knowledge gained and passed on is invaluable. I've provided a storage space for my children to be able to store their supplies while adding to my own. Where they had little space to store anything before, now they have space. They now help me with items gotten cheap and preserving them for further use. They lack for nothing in the way of food or paper goods. They are learning how to prepare delicious meals from dehydrated foods with their own personal touches. I've seen growth in their own personal knowledge base towards survival.

So what's in a book? Everything.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.

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