Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Second Shot and No Progress on the Book

This week has been hectic with occupational therapies, doctor appointments, games, and a day at the beach.Well to start with I started occupational therapy again. I've gained some of the passive and active movement in my arm and wrist. That's the good news.It has been a struggle to gain back what I've lost over the past two months. There is now some extension in my wrist (that's being able to bend it upwards).  That's progress sort of. I had full extension when I came home from the rehab hospital ( able the lay hand flat on a surface and with elbow supported could place weight through the whole arm), that was before the fall, tone, and spascity set in.  Talk about frustration.

My husband had two doctor appointments and I had one. Have you ever noticed a sign in your doctor's office that basically says, "If you are fifteen minutes late for your appointment you need to reschedule your appointment." I've definitely seen it more often. These are the same doctors who keep you in the office waiting room for 45 minutes or an hour, in the exam room 15-45 minutes in the exam room, breeze in for 10-15 minutes and are gone. Now not all of our doctors are like this. Some genuinely care about their patients and listen...these kind of physicians I don't care about waiting for...they are giving individualized care to each patient...I have several who fall into this category. Which I don't mind waiting for.This week. I spent three hours in the orthopedist's office to have all my concerns brushed aside and told I needed another steroid injection in the shoulder. When I asked about the recent meningitis scare with steroid injection (now in 22 states)...answer- he was dealing with my shoulder not my back.

Now I have previous injections in my spine and other places over the years. I know initially  it can take a week to work and it may not be injected in the right place, but when the pain increases after that...there is something wrong. Besides the fact I was practicing medicine since before this guy was out of high school. I had my first spinal fusion and joint reconstruction while he was probably in med school. I'm not the type of person you can brush off. I made him listen! Not only about options, answer my questions, and I him realize I was more than a case number in some computer. I've had to remind quite a few nurses, physician's assistants, and doctors over the years about me or my family are people. Remind them that a major part of their job is people skills. He listened and injected the proper spots as well as the one he needed to...I can't tell you there was instant relief because steroid shots feel like you've been hit in the joint injected like a sledge hammer! But now 48 hours later there is improvement.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours with most of my children, their spouses, and my grandchildren at the beach. It was the most sunlight I've had in months! We had so much fun! I think it's the first fun, relaxing day I've had since my stroke. Even my husband took off his oxygen and waded in the ocean looking for seashells for my #4 grandson. We had a blast. This is us with five out of  eight grandchildren. Missing was Savannah (who was busy building a sandcastle), Sabrina and Skylar whose family couldn't make it. While I know it's a long trip with children from Savannah, Ga down to Jekyll Island, my other daughter made the same trip with my youngest grandson and their daughter. Plenty of pictures were taken of the event. With a terminally ill husband and me post stroke about 4 1/2 months ago, it is probably one of the last events we can have like this. At least with my husband around that is.

 So basically this week I've played hooky from writing. While I used to carry printed off sheets of manuscripts to the doctors appointments for editing, I haven't been able to do that juggling acts yet with writing left handed. But as you all know I'm the master juggler. It will just take more practice before I perfect my technique.

Practice makes perfect after all. Well, maybe not perfect but more proficient. The more you blog or write the better you do it. Even writing a journal is practice for a wanna-be writer. I'm taking it slow, because I have too.  Everyone after this picture was shot rushed in to help me up from the sand dune we were sitting on. I simply said, "I'll do it." With three children, their burly spouses, six grandchildren waiting to catch me if I fell. I dug my braced foot until it was level in the sand, kneeled, and stood without any assistance. Of course my eldest grandson was standing by with my cane. I walked over to the paved area where my wheelchair waited and sank gratefully down in it with a sigh of pride and relief. He wheeled me back to the picnic area. See practice does worked.

Nothing is impossible with learned or relearned skills. Back in the picnic area I watched my youngest grandson do the same thing before he took off runny after his sister and older cousins....we've come full circle as a family unit. Keep practicing new skills until you become proficient at them.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.  

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  1. Waiting for a doctor who is a by the numbers person makes me crazy! Good for you for making him listen.

    Your beach day sounds wonderful. Jo, you are an inspiration.


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