Monday, April 30, 2012

I spent the weekend formatting and editing. The more I tried to fix the worse it got so today I'm quitting for the day. I can only take so many error messages at a time. This was one of the main reasons I set the publishing date for May 10th with my new nonfiction.

Right now, I'm busy putting out this or that fire as I move along in my indie writing career. Hey Ma, I'm juggling as fast as I can. With me now booking weddings as far in advance as August, it just adds to my struggles.

Everything not dealing with getting this new nonfiction out took a back burner. Did you ever want to take a couple of sticks of dynamite to your house? I do right now. It doesn't help my drain field for my septic tank collapsed. Thank goodness for my composting toilet. But the laundry is now piling up in mountains. It means a major trip to the laundry mat. Either that our get out my old scrub board and pail. I just have to find about four hours of uninterrupted time to go across town.

Every time my husband mentions one more thing he wants, I want to scream.He is the hoarder of the family. We just bought new flat monitors for our computers to save space and my back. It's almost like that show on television "Hoarders" in my house. Well, maybe not that bad. But he insists on checking everything before it is thrown out. The old 25" big monitor is still functional so he wants to keep it in case one of our new monitors goes out. ARGHHHH! I still manage to get a lot of things gone. In fact it was three trailer loads. While I try to think of alternate uses for everything, I have my limits.

I used to think it was cute when he pulled out all of the screws from a broken clock radio or even the speaker, because in his mind it was still good, but now...I just can't stay on top of it all. I'm so overwhelmed by the clutter that it's has incapacitated me into inaction.

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