Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Well folks today I turn another year older. To me at my age, it's just another day. I'm still performing weddings, still writing, and more importantly...still breathing.

Today my #2 daughter is taking me out to dinner. Which normally would be a nice thing. This year is a bit different. Yesterday I found myself in the dentist chair. I fractured a back molar. It fractured long enough to expose the root which was quite painful so I had it pulled. So although we are going to my favorite local restaurant, Toucan's Ale will be only soft stuff for me. But that's okay because one of my favorites there is their French Onion Soup. I haven't eaten anything there that wasn't great.

Over the past week I've received numerous birthday cards in email, messages, and snail mail which is fine, but what is it about being over a half century old that minimizes the event. When I was a child I couldn't wait for my birthday to roll around, being sixteen and getting my driver's license, being eighteen and legal, or even turning twenty-one. Those were momentous occasions.  Turning thirty was a major milestone too, when you were no longer twenty-something. The forties, meant looking forward to retirement. But now I'm semi retired at over fifty.

Don't get me wrong/ I enjoy each and every day I'm above ground. As a friend of mine said, "At our age, any day above ground is a good thing." My husband bought me a beautiful blouse which I intend of wearing tonight and is still promising me the vacation of my choice. I can't ask for more. I'm loved and well cared for which is more than most people have. I'm a semi-successful author. I'm the mother to four beautiful daughters and have eight wonderful grandchildren. Life is good.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. Well, happy birthday! That sucks you have to deal with the dentist though! Ouch!!

  2. Happy birthday, Jo! I'm with you, over 50 birthdays aren't as much fun as 7, or 16. ; )

  3. Happy birthday! So sorry to hear about your tooth. I know how that feels -- ugh! May this new birthday bring you a multitude of blessings and ease.


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