Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let's PARTY!!!!

Is Everyone ready????

Today is the e-launch of "Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption."

Wow, I hit 1,300 views!!!
Toot the horns, throw the confetti, break out the champagne, and yell "hip, hip, hurray!" I'm celebrating the e-launch of my new novel and YOU get the free gift for stopping by my blog today to help me celebrate.

See the tab up top marked "contact?" Click it.  Fill it out and first thing  tomorrow I will be emailing you a code for a free downloadable copy of the complete novel. The code does not expire for a year so whenever you are ready go to here ( and pick up your copy. When it asks for payment type in the coupon code I'm sending you.

Is this a sweet deal or what? This is my way of thanking my readers for their support in my self-publishing effort.  If you like it leave a review so others will also find the book.  Amazon has the paperback for all you people who like to hold a book in your hand...unfortunately this free deal does not apply to the paperback.

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading.

And as always, keep writing and loving the Lord.

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