Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jane! Get Me Off This Thing!
This week has been like that opening scene from the Jetsons cartoon where George is walking the dog and it sees a cat. Yep, that's me old George running at top speed and really not physically going anywhere.

That's kind of like what self-publishing is like. At least to me. I did something different this time. I've got a good drool going about "Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption." I've built the anticipation factor over the social media sites to where I'm getting on average of four messages a day about when it will be released.  By the same token I'm getting buzzed about the release. I've sent out copies to reviewers and have been asked to do several interviews.    This is like my older standard publishing days, but from concept to publication has only been four months instead of eighteen months. I do miss the old days at times.

It has been formatted for paperback, Kindle and Smashwords to the point where all I have to do is push a button to release it onto the world.  The cover details are final and in place.  The lettering is now white on blood red.  Oooohhhh! Ahhhhh! I learned how to create my own covers instead of using an already formatted one.  The basic picture is still the same. I worked hard on the drawing and painting, and didn't want to give it up.  So remember to mark your calendar for the release...August 31st here on my blog.

You may have noticed the little word count counter on the right. This is for "Zombie Apocalypse:Travelers" the second book in this series of horror. The video promo of this book has outnumbered the previous two which is exciting.

Another big deal which has been done quietly is the release of my children's series of books.  A few months back I posted the drawing I had done.  I had to redraw them and raise the DPI higher so they would pop in black and white for the coloring portion of the book.  Nope this isn't available in e-format only print because it is really hard to color on an e-reader.  It is available now at Createspace . The Amazon version is due out next week.  It takes them a few days to put it on their site. 

I am busy working on a couple of that's anything new for me.  The second book in this children's series is, "mr. Goodbar Goes to the Hospital."  The illustrations and cover are complete.  The story is three quarters away from the end of the first draft.  I should have it finished by October and ready to go to press. I'm very excited about this children's series of books.  I keep making up new stories for my grandchildren and now writing them down for others. I have one new granddaughter, Savannah, who is actually a step granddaughter but I don't love her any less.  I also have a new grandson being born in December for a total of EIGHT!  WTG Grandma JAM!

I read a post by an agent who said pick a genre and stick to it.  The idea of marketing to three market segements is daunting, but doable.  It's just a lot of work which is something I've always done.  For me, it's like choosing a career.  It sounds easier than done for me...I started out as a ladies professional golfer and a nurse, and then I was a nurse and a teacher, and then an international marketing consultant and chef, and then a professor, chef, and minister...but I've always also been a writer for almost 45 years! I guess now, I'm a minster and an author. Life is a smorgasbord and like with any buffet you pick and choose the tastiest morsels from everything given.

Keep Writng and Loving the Lord!

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