Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Dozen Hours Later

Yesterday, I posted about hurdles I was jumping for a couple of weeks now. Today, I'm accomplishing something. Yea Me! And thank you to my sister-in-law, Mary. Nope, the grass hasn't been cut, but will do this later when it's not 90+ degrees outside. Nope, the hedges haven't been clipped. Nope, the roof hasn't been swept and assorted other issues. I've still got a pesky clogged drain which is slower than molasses up north in the winter time. I'll be doing an all-call to my kids and their husband's soon to eliminate these other problems which have plagued me. So kids be warned...Momma is calling.

So what's the news, you wonder. I finished critiquing eight chapters in Thomas Wilson's new novel "No Rules of Engagement."  I've completed the three chapter edit for AM. Keller's newest romance, "The Emerald's Secret." Both should be e-published this fall. I've also completed edits on three more authors' works in progress.

I've also written 1,000 new words and completed another chapter in Zombie Apocalypse! I'm dancing the Snoopy dance of happiness. My deviant mind has twisted my characters to the breaking point. Egos, time crunch, race to find a cure, people dropping dead and coming back to life, and even did a zombie point of view.  Do zombies have a mind to have a point of view? Well, at least one of them does in my book. I figured there at least had to be the will to rage or/and feed, and why attack other people? I answered this question this morning. <Wicked, evil laughter!>The last is chilling and I haven't seen it done before so I figured why-not. At this rate this novella may become a short novel. My synapses have fired on all cylinders. It has been an amazing morning.

No church services to perform today, so I actually was able to sit at my computer. My fingers flew across the keys only stopping three times in six hours to medicate my hubby, fix him some lunch, and answer the phone. I feel energized being able to do what my heart desired.

My biggest challenge in writing Zombie hasn't been the story line, the characters, the plot, nor the's been time. I've gone full tilt for ten days now almost nonstop with little breaks to sleep. It seemed like there was always someone I had to meet, somewhere I had to be, or something I had to do and the list kept getting longer. Now, I realize today is only a small reprieve, because tomorrow will bring its own set of issues, but for right now...I'm lovin' it.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.

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  1. What great news, Jo! Now can you ship some of that productivity over to the western side of GA? ; )


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