Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Sunday Stroke Survivor: Computer Woe and Gone for a bit

Well, I went and did it again. I fried the motherboard of my laptop. First it was my previous laptop when my drink spilled onto it. Now with the cheap model I got to replace it died. When I took it to the shop the diagnosis was a fried motherboard. This time it wasn't my fault. It happened while I was asleep.

As a habit every Sunday before going to bed, I run the antivirus program. It shuts down my computer after it finishes. Monday, I turned the power on except my 'puter wouldn't come on. I've had other computers over the years do this and it was a simple fix of replacing the power switch. Not this time. My tech wizard said my motherboard was fried.

So I'm out of commission due to technical difficulties. I might find another cheap one at a pawn shop. I'll start shopping for a new computer after the first.


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