Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy New Years Day, Everyone!

Did you stay up late and celebrate ringing the new year in?

At my age and lifestyle, NO.  

I've just celebrated the ringing of the new year snuggled in deep into my quilt. Six AM comes way too early to soar with my chickens and bunnies. There's bread to bake, animals to water and feed, and too much to do to stay up so late. At my age, I've just rung in too many years in party hopping and toasting in the new year at the stroke of midnight.

There was always another reason for staying up late on New Year's Eve and it had nothing to do with the actual new year's celebration. She was born 1/1/32. Ever since my sister and I grew up, and moved away from home, we had a friendly competition going...who would be the first to wish our mom happy birthday. Later with addition of seven brothers and sisters, the competition grew quite frenzied. Old Ma Bell worked overtime with the busy signals. This was prior to call waiting.

Being the oldest and wisest (er, um, cough cough), I started calling mom five minutes before midnight and chat with her before midnight. So I'd be the first to wish her happy birthday. The other kids got wise to this and started calling before midnight. But me being a smarty pants just extended the time back by five minutes each year. Before mom died, I was having to call mom an hour earlier.

So today is spent deep in memories of my life with with my mother. For most of my brothers and sisters had other mothers, but my little sister and I this was our only mother in spite of my father remarrying. My dad and step-mother have been married now longer than my parents were, but that doesn't matter to us. Mom was my mother for 30 years or just under half my life. I was extremely blessed to have her that long.

Happy Birthday, Mom! praying heavenward.
I'm probably not the first this year, but I'll betcha nobody else blogged about her today.
None of my siblings has a blog or personal website. So I beat y'all again!(grinning)

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