Saturday, May 27, 2017

It Totally Amazes Me and Thank You All

I was going through my stats this morning and am floored. I do this periodically. Since I changed my blog over to stroke survival, I'm getting pretty close to 5K to 10K hits per blog. I realized that there was a need to talk about surviving and living post stroke, but the response to my weekly blog?!

When this was strictly a writing/author website, the numbers were fair. But this was a shocker to me. I'm no expert in this area. I'm just a person who was fortunate/unfortunate to survive multiple strokes. I lived to tell the tale.

I actually don't see comments or emails from all these views, Thank God! I would need a team of office assistants to get them answered in a timely fashion. I just wanted to say "Thank You!" It truly humbles me.

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