Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Redefining Disability Project: Post #27

What barriers do you encounter in your daily life when it comes to disability?

 As you can imagine only having one side of your body totally undependable and not having the ability of clear speech is definitely limiting.

Until just recently, I could not stand and walk for any great length of time or distance. The spasticity in my lower leg from my stroke made it too painful. I couldn't push a grocery cart around a store for more than fifteen minutes. Try shopping in Wal-Mart like that. Since the dry needling has shut down the spasticity to a dull roar, it's considerably easier getting around on foot power alone.

With my shoulder regaining most of it's mobility, thanks to the needling to my bicep, I'm able to carry things positioned between my elbow and body, and under the arm better. It's almost like being normal again. Well sort of. The headache of how I was going to carry a drink while walking with a cane in my functioning hand is remedied. But still not being able to use my right hand and wrist is very limiting.

My speech though improved is still halting with the aphasia. I'd rather do emails than talk on the phone. Staying on topic is still problematic. 

The chronic fatigue is better but still a long way from being ideal. I still us the twelve spoons to measure my activity and energy level. I often fall short by the end of the day even with naps. This past week I had to do the grocery shopping over a three-day period just to get it done. That in itself was exhausting. Add my therapy sessions at two times a week and it had me going and going.

Now that I'm basically out of pain from the spasticity, (hip hip hooray!) my Fibromyalgia decided it was its turn to override its medication for about 48 hours. My spine from previous surgeries ached to the point of me yelping when I moved it. My one functioning hand refused to close it a tight fist. I ended up prying my fingers loose on my nonfunctioning hand in order to hold onto something tight enough.

The temperature has been reaching the mid 80's and I have yet to turn on my air conditioning because of my hubby. He's still wearing long sleeves and has two blankets on his bed. Meanwhile, I'm pouring sweat like a nervous bridegroom, and my heart is not behaving because of it. I've had to double my arrhythmia medicines to keep my heart rate below 120 BPM.

I'm just disabled in too many ways! There are just too many hurdles to juggle and jump.

Most times, I can do what I need to do and still finding alternative ways of making forward progress. Very little blocks me totally. I'm adaptable that way. But if anything takes two hands to operate, I have to wait on others to assist me. That becomes a royal pain like the yard work. I still can't operate the chain saw, hedge clippers or lawn mower safely. So with the warmer temperatures and the rain, my yard has become an eyesore while I wait.

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  1. Hmmm, I can operate with one-hand:
    1) lawn mower + a strap,
    2) redial-saw + a strap,
    3) repair my bicycle with normal tools + a strap,
    4) and so on.
    I am little slow but safety is necessary !!
    cheers / John A.


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