Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday's Tumbles and Stumbles

Well after a week of numerous tests and 'ologisitis to find what was going on with me, I finally have the results. It's gonna be filed under "Murphy's Law" or "It could only happen to you."

It's not what I thought, but I was partially right in that I blamed my Botox, but it turned out to be a list of things going on at the same time.

Macrobid has a side effect of muscle spasms. I was on it for my urinary track infection. The Macrobid side effect was fighting the Botox and I got caught in the middle. Thus the increased spasticity. I can no longer take Macrobid so that leaves sulfur drugs. The neurologist increased my Zanaflex to try and get control of the spasms. It has worked although my heart rate has dropped into the high 50s and low 60s which my cardiologist is wary of.

I was also going through a Fibromyalia flare. This was confirmed by the rheumatologist which accounts for the spike in pain level. He added Lyrica to my Cymbalta to combat this.

The total loss of urinary countenance was caused by a failure of my bladder sling. It failed by ripping loose from the right pelvic ligament it was attached to. This was confirmed by  my urologist. The ligament will heal on it's own. It is a minor tear, but will cause the hip to be "a tad" (his words not mine) more painful. The failure was most likely brought on by the urinary track infection putting too much strain on it because I've had so many in the past six years.

I'm left with a couple of options regarding the urinary incontinence 1) go back into diapers full time (expensive!), 2) catheter (least favored by all), and 3) having another sling installed (the best option).  With the best option, my beloved will have to go into respite care at the nursing home for a couple of days while I'm in the hospital. My urologist told me with my complicated medical history, I would have to be admitted.

 My hubby will hate it. Heck, even I hate the idea. He has become so dependent on me, I can see his stress level mounting off the charts with this. I may wait until after Christmas for this surgery. I'll need the time to lay in some quick fix groceries and chocolate for him. Everything is better with chocolate, right? I'm banking on a huge sale of after Christmas chocolates to carry him over to Valentine's Day. It's crazy to live your life around after the holiday candy sales because after Mother's Day there isn't another candy holiday until Halloween but we do what we can do.

Okay, I think that brings y'all up to speed with me. The hubby has a touch of Bronchitis, so I'll be watching him closer in case he goes into pneumonia. Me? Worried? Nah! Been here too many times before.


  1. I am overwhelmed just reading about what is happening to you. It is a good thing females are the stronger sex. Ditto on the hugs.

  2. At least they are not taking away my Botox injections. If I had to live with the pain associated with my spasticity for the rest of my life without a break, I don't know if I can handle that to well.


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