Thursday, October 2, 2014

What Is It Called, Update, and Chocolate

I know my tagline is at the beginning of my blog. What is the "Nothing is impossible with determination." at the end of my blog called?

Is it a tagline also? I've been wrecking my brain for two days trying to remember what is called. Or is it a tag line also?

In other news, I'm busy knitting scarves for the family. All the shawls are done. All the caps and scarves are done for my grandkids. Now I'm working on the male adult versions. Ten sets to do and got three done all in their favorite football teams colors. Currently working on the Pittsburgh Steelers set. Go Black and Gold.

My therapy is going well. I finally hit one of six goals for the past eight week session. It was only a three inch reach by straightening my elbow more, BUT I did it! It took about three minutes of hard concentration to do it too. By practicing at home, I've gotten it down to two minutes.
Yes, I've got this cross stitch over my desk ---> where I can see it to remind myself to rejoice in the small victories.

I got my hubby up on the scales again. He has lost what he gained during his bout with pneumonia. Now working on putting the pounds back on him. For lunch today, he ate two
small steak fingers, two onion rings and a tiny salad with black beans and corn. He ate all but three bites.

While in the grocery store this week, I picked up some Fat Boys Mini ice cream sandwiches. They were part of a meal deal at my grocers and free. I'm trying a new tact of offering him something good every three hours or so. These are about two-inch square loaded with ice cream. They are surprisingly yummy!

110 calories doesn't sound like much, but every little bit helps. When your daily intake is about 600 calories a day, 110 calories is an 1/6th increase. He loves them. Granted, by feeding him milk products it does make the phlegm he has to cough up thicker. But then, so does the Ensure. He enjoys the sandwiches a lot more. Do I worry about it not being nutritionally sound? Nope. When he burns six-ten calories a minute just in breathing efforts, just getting enough calories in him to compensate for that is enough.  I'd give him a ten sandwich box a day if he's eat it. He has maxed out at two a day.

Now for a serious laugh...

I thought my chocolate addiction was bad; Six Peanut M&M's a day while writing. My husband has got it worse. He actually has a prescription for chocolate as part of his wellness plan under hospice! It reads "Take as often as needed. Refill: Unlimited." The exact brand is not given and left up to his preference. The reason this prescription was written--so I could take the cost off my income tax as a tax deduction for medical expenses. I kid you not. It actually is not a cost covered under hospice so it comes out of my pocket.

So you might wonder what is his preference in chocolate: Hershey Kisses, Hershey dark chocolate bars, Three Musketeers, Reese's Peanut butter cups, and Godiva Dark chocolate bars. He now chokes on nuts of any kind.

The Godiva bars are sold at Books-A-Million so I pick it up once a week during my knitting/spinning group meeting. At $3 a bar, Godiva isn't wallet friendly. He's limited to one bar a week, but I buy one bag of miniature versions of the rest each month for him.

Luckily it's nearly Halloween and most of these are on sale so I'm stocking up. No, this amount of chocolate each month isn't healthy on my wallet either, but I'd gladly buy him whatever he wants to eat so long as he's eating and smiling.

A shame you have to be dying to get a prescription like this, but what a way to go. I can see it now. He'll be greeted at the Pearly Gates with a tell-tale chocolate smile.


  1. "Go," chocolate, but "boo, hiss," Steelers.

  2. LOL Barb. I don't particularly like them either but it's his team.

  3. Chocolate makes everything better! :)


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