Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday Stroke Survival on Monday :)~ Less Tolerant with Age and a Rant

Oops, I forgot to hit publish so for this week Monday is the new Sunday.

As the years go by especially since my stroke, I find myself less tolerant of what comes out of the mouths of others.

That one line in the movie, Forest Grump... 

"Stupid is as Stupid Does"
Forest actually had more common sense in his damaged brain than normal people thanks to his momma.
It hits me in the face when I'm around other people. Is it any wonder that I prefer my own company rather than be around people? At least I know the cause of my stupidity. I've got brain damage.

Why do people think that the hardships they endured for a couple months with a broken arm or leg, entitles them to compare it to my paralyzed arm or leg? Can't they accept the fact that it's like comparing apples to oranges? It's like comparing a stubbed toe to a compound fracture.

I know first hand the trials of broken bones. I broke my wrist. Seven bones broken and/or dislocated. Six weeks total and the wrist was almost as good as new. I tore my Achilles tendon in my left ankle and spent fifty-three weeks in an air boot.

A post stroke paralysis and the spasticity cannot even compare to those. Time to healing cannot be measured in weeks but years if ever. Weeks are a drop in the bucket in comparison.

Sure with a broken limb, you might have had pain. You had the inconvenience of a cast or splint.  You had that unscratchable itch. You may have had the inability to do certain things or figured out a way to do them. BUT you knew it was only temporary. Eventually, your broken bones would heal and you'd be free to carry on with your life as before. That's the BIG DIFFERENCE.

As stroke survivors, we have no such assurance just a possibility and hope. Sure a broken limb my feel like forever but in reality it's a drop in the bucket of your life. Stop the comparison!


  1. A broken limb usually heals. It's usually not permanent. Big difference.

  2. Yep, big difference. {{{{hugs}}}}

  3. Yes, an old friend sprained her ankle and had trouble walking up/down curbs, "just like" I did. "Now I finally understand," she said.


  4. I think other people just have no real idea of what you've been through, or going through right now, Jo. Maybe they're trying to sympathize, but failed to do so because broken and sprained bones are, indeed, nothing compared to your paralyzed arm or leg. Anyway, I hope they can finally realize their mistake. All the best to you!

    Aubrey Holloway @ Primary Care AK


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