Monday, March 17, 2014

Erin Go Braugh Feast

Yep, it's St Patrick's Day again. And yes, I'm wearing my "Kiss me I'm Irish" t-shirt. Well I am, if only by marriage. I'll take hugs and kisses anytime. (grinning huge) It's supposed to get almost 80 degrees today.

My DH (darling hubby will be wearing his "Irish Eyes are Smiling"
t-shirt as soon as our favorite hospice aide gets here to bathe and dress him.

St Paddy's Day has always been a huge holiday for us and always celebrated even though St Patrick
was Italian, not Irish. Not celebrated with beer like most American do, but with Guinness. Although we are not opposed to a beer or two. None for me. I've been a recovered alcoholic for over 30 years. I've got a bottle of Guinness chilling for my hubby in the refrigerator. Beer for anyone else who shows up. As far as I know my kids will be headed up to Savannah for the festivities like last year. So it's just us.

Instead I lean towards an Irish feast. This year on the menu is lamb stew with Irish soda bread. The stew is already in the mini slo-cooker and the bread is ready to be mixed. Of course there will be my leprechaun cake pops for dessert. I made them yesterday. I'm keeping it simple this year.

And Jeremy, these are cake pops...

That's Green Velvet cake in the center. Think Red Velvet cake but you use green food coloring instead of red. They are just the right size to pop into your mouth in one to two bites. I don't use Candy Melts for the coating on these but cream cheese frosting. What self respecting Velvet cake doesn't have cream cheese frosting?

I only made six of the leprechauns before my hand grew too tired to make anymore so I finished the rest of my balls off with frosting and shamrocks. In case you were wondering, the leprechaun's hats were made of a dollop of royal icing and a dipped mini Reese's cups, my hubby's favorite candy.

It might be a simple fare but not without my personal touches.

So Erin Go Braugh everyone! Forever Ireland! Even if it's by marriage only.


  1. Gloriously Irish, Jo! I am Irish, mostly, but won't do anything special.

  2. The little leprechaun is amazing. I'd eat that.
    Think I will pass on the Guinness though. Can't do dark beer.

  3. Hi Jo .. you are having a treat - and you have made some delicious sounding recipes. Glad you're letting the Irish in to cheer the day ...

    I'm going to a talk - nothing Irish at all .. I don't do Guinness - but an occasional (once every 5 or 10 years) half pint will do!

    Cheers and enjoy yourselves - Hilary

  4. Dinner sounds wonderful. I've got corned beef in the crock pot w potatoes and carrots, with the cabbage wedges going in for the final 20 minutes. No dessert, though.

    I'm a little concerned that your Guinness will be a bit too cold. Our pantry is about 50, and we've got it unrefrigerated in there.

    Time to make the Irish soda bread!

  5. I had plans for Irish stew and soda bread but when I got home from school I crashed and gave up on a real dinner.
    Absolutely love the cake pops. Great job!

  6. I'm in the middle of moving, so I didn't get to enjoy anything festive today. Your dinner sounds lovely!

  7. Got my Irish on and had a blast even though it turned out just to be us alone. We rubbed a wee bit of the Blarney Stone to boot.


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