Friday, September 14, 2012

Escape from Scon Eden Revisited~Mailbox

In light of the Embassy in Egypt and the American ambassador killed in Libya, I've had numerous emails about embassy life. So I know some of you read it. I get on average of sixty emails a day between three accounts about my novels. There is a danger in writing what you know.

There are a differences between Consulates and Embassies. Embassies deal with political issues between the host country with Marine guards in place as well as some local security, while consulates deal with issues like expatriates, tourists, vital statistics of in this case Americans. Both of assist with Visas. Embassies are located in the nation's capital, Embassy Row in D.C, whereas consulates can be anywhere within a country like in California.

You may ask where were the Marines I mentioned in the novel. Consulates often are not guarded by that country's military. In the case of Libya, the attack was planned for when the ambassador was visiting the consulate. Since the names have not been released yet I can almost guarantee one or two Marines were there. Most times where the Ambassador goes so do the Marines.

Something like doesn't happen without a lot of planning before hand. Like the Japanese consulate kept waiting in the outer rooms with a declaration of war prior to Pearl Harbor, US had prior communiques about these attacks to coincide with 9/11/2001. As in Escape from Second Eden threat analysis is done constantly. Today since 9/11/2001, it is difficult to sort through the chaff to find the wheat. Just like the novel, I am constantly questioned what really happened and what my creative mind conjured up to move the story forward. All you can do is send me a query with the scene and I'll answer with a yes or no.

For me personally. it brought back every little thing that happened in Sri Lanka between 1969-1971. Nightmares abound and all the ghost which I dug out of the closet in writing the novel resurfaced in graphic detail. Even my father, the head of the Marine security force, say there is not a day that passes he think about what occurred. This is a Marine who served his country for thirty-two years plus reserve time. Who was reactivated for flight marshal after the World Trade Center. A Marine who fought in Vietnam, Korea, and few dozen times of coming home, packing his duffle bag, and kissing all of us. "See ya when I see ya," and out the door for a week or months at a time.

It was a rough life but one filled terror, love, and family values. God first, family second, and everything else takes a back seat.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. Thanks for the info on consulates and embassies. I learned some things.

  2. Thanks for reminding us of the sacrifices of the Marines and their families.


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