Friday, July 8, 2011

I Do!

It has been a busy week and a half of weddings. I've performed eight weddings in as many days. This being a resort town... people fly in from all over. So far I've performed weddings at the courthouse embraced and shrouded by historic oaks, on a tall sail schooner, in a mall, one of the piers, and the rest at the beach at sunset.

Now I do not perform weddings in a church, because although I attend church, it is not mine as in I am the cleric...even ministers need pastors. I am known as a traveling minister because I will fill in for pastors who are ill or on vacation. I work for donations. It can be feast or famine. Right now, it's feast after a long famine and the roof caving in on me last month as far as expenses go.

I always thought of June being the busiest month for weddings, but so far July has beat out the June bride syndrome. My flexibility is my major selling point. I will come or go where you tell me to, change up the service from traditional, contemporary, Christian, Zen, civil, or the short and sweet catering to the bride's wishes.

Brides can be pretty specific what they want and do not want even with only a couple hours notice. Since some are from out of state, questions like where can I get flowers, where is a nice place to have the service, and a few hundred others pop up. I have yet to perform a service in the rain although several rain showers have occurred before and after the service. I do need to find a nice, quiet shelter to perform services for when the weather turns colder, though any church would welcome me. For me, it feels like an intrusion.

In short, I've had my minister's hat on all week long. "I do! I do!"

The writing is coming along slowly. The editing of others, even slower. I am fielding 120 emails, and about 30 phone calls a day. The biggest thing is that has a July promotion ongoing. I've reduced the price of "Escape from Second Eden" and "The Sacrificial Lamb" by 75%. I haven't checked on sales this week, but I'm praying.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.

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  1. I do declare that you are one busy woman! Wow, Jo. I don't know how you do it.


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