I am now offering several services to my Blogger audience and authors.

Book Trailer Production to my list as things I create after completing my sixth book trailer not including my own. Cost is dependent on the number of pictures you want in your video. I do not do recorded action shots (like movie production). The base cost is $45 for two-three images, music, bells and whistles. It goes up from there. You will have input in the process and I like to read a detailed synopsis or a PDF copy of your novel before starting any project. I can not guarantee hits on your trailer. The trailer will be from 1-3 minutes long and suitable for Youtube or other video hosting your website, blog, or other sites.

Novel Editing/Review- Up until now I have offered my services for free. While I will still do this for authors I am already editing, it honestly takes a lot of time away from my own writing. I have been editing novels for almost twenty years now at no cost on a case by case deal. The number of authors I help at any one time is twenty and I've reached a point now with several projects coming to an end. While I can not guarantee publication, I can help you polish your manuscript to be the best it can be. Initial consult is free.

I will not rewrite your novel, but will offer suggestions on how to make it better and show you how to make it the best it can be. Price is dependent on the amount of work your novel needs and its length. I do not charge by the hour, if I did NO ONE could afford me.

Manuscript Conversions- Formatting for self publishing via Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, or CreateSpace trade paperbacks. The required PDF format for Amazon/CreateSpace will be provided to you for upload. Email for more details to

Creative Writing/Speaker/Instructor- I am available for conferences and seminars. I routinely teach creative writing in my area. I have been an inspirational speaker for over ten years and an instructor for twenty. Pricing to be determined by event.

Cover Art Design- I do a variety of cover designs work as you can see on my blog. I have created covers for several authors.